Mr. Duncan Botting, Managing Director, Global Smart Transformation Ltd., Scotland conferred upon Honorary Professorship at Amity University

In order to recognize outstanding achievements and contributions in the area of Science and Technology, Mr.Duncan Botting, Managing Director, Global Smart Transformation Ltd., Scotland was conferred upon Honorary Professorship of Amity University Uttar Pradesh at University Campus, Sector 125 Noida.


Expressing his gratitude for the honor bestowed upon him,Prof Duncan Botting shared that he is delighted to be part of Amity family.


Prof Duncan Botting further presented a talk on 'New Energy Paradigms Demand- a new breed of Engineers skills needed and how to develop them' and said that Energy sector is under transformation and budding engineers can explore biggest opportunities in this sector. He lamented the slow progress of the sector over the years due to usage of ageing infrastructure and resources by researchers and scientists to develop new technologies. He emphasized on the requirement of updated skills for further development in the sector. He stressed that budding engineers should realize that engineering is not only about looking after the technicality but has explored it's horizons to market structure, commercial contracting, procurement etc. He advised the students to serve the apprenticeship since their career is based on the foundation of academic knowledge. Prof Botting suggested to develop soft skills which will exhibit their technical skills, required to gain career progression.


Presenting an overview, Dr. Abhay Bansal, Jt Head,Amity School of Engineering and Technology briefed about the achievements and history of Amity Education Group.


During the visit, Prof. Botting was accompanied by Mr.Rajesh Bhatt, Regional Head, Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) -North and West India and Mr. Raghavan, Regional Head – South India

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