3rd Global Leadership Research Conference’ concludes at Amity University

The‘3rd Global Leadership Research Conference’ (GLRC-2018) on “Transformation inEmerging Markets: Dimensions of Growth, Competitiveness and Governance”organized by Amity Business School concluded today at University Campus, Sector125 Noida

Prof.(Dr.) Sanjeev Bansal, Director Amity Business School and Chairperson GLRC-2018 presentedan overview of the two day conference and shared that during the two dayconference more than 174 research papers were presented in 12 sessions, 15keynote addresses and 68 panelists deliberated upon the theme in the presenceof 200 distinguished guests from corporate and academics.

Addressingthe gathering Dr. Mustafa T. Saasa, Chairman, Raj Group of Companies, Dubai saidthat there is deficit of leadership in the world. He mentioned that a good leaderis able to derive extra ordinary results from ordinary people. He emphasized onrapid changing market trends causing reduced life cycle of products andservices. He called upon the budding professionals to develop a dynamicbusiness plan and suggested to evolve and calibrate their business with time.Dr. Saasa apprised that with technological advancement and 4threvolution, many companies saw exponential growth and earned fortune ethicallyin a short span of time. He advised the students to seek opportunities withevery change and urged them to act immediately on provided opportunity since itis now short lived He remarked that a business can sustain if the foundation islaid on values and ethics.

Sharinghis views Mr. Rajan. S. Mathews, Director General, COAI saidthat instead of growth, development should be the focus for transformation andNation building. He apprised that conducing inclusive environment is importantfor sustainable development. He mentioned that the world is at the cusp ofknowledge based revolution and competitiveness must be the hallmark of globalnorms. Mr Ranjan emphasized on understanding of required skill sets to succeedin knowledge economy. Talking about governance, Mr. Mathews averred thatintegrity and truth are the virtues of good governance. He pointed that thesevirtues are now a marketable commodity for a successful governance in business.

Speakingon the occasion, Mr. Ajay Lalwani, Country Manager, CIMAsaid that the technological advancement has revolutionized the way people live.He shared that by 2040, 40% of jobs that we know today will cease to exist. Mr.Lalwani opined that with every revolution, some jobs and businesses are tend toappend but it also creates new opportunities for people.

Mr.Arun Malhotra, Sr. Corporate Advisor, Nissan Group of Companies apprisedthat 1% of population is contributing majorly in economic growth and are alsothe ones who are receiving major share of economic benefits. He emphasized thatthe competitiveness is now in accordance to changing world and advised thestudents to develop ideas with fresh perspective to create new markets. Hecalled upon the budding professionals to understand the market and inculcateglobal skills as per paradigm shift for a successful career.

Mr.Dinesh Arora, Secretary ICSI and Mr. Alok Vijayant, GP Director (ADM &Trg), Center for Training & Talent Development, NTRO, PMO werealso present during the valedictory ceremony.

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