His Excellency Dr. Ton Sinh Thanh, Ambassador of Vietnam to India, Nepal and Bhutan visits Amity University

HisExcellency Dr. Ton Sinh Thanh, Ambassador of Vietnam to India, Nepal and Bhutanvisited Amity University today and delivered a talk on the topic “Aspects ofVietnam, Vietnam-India Relations Foreign Policies, Challenges &Opportunities” aspart of Ambassador Lecture Series at University Campus Sector 125 Noida

His Excellency Dr. Ton Sinh Thanh, Ambassadorof Vietnam to India, Nepal and Bhutan is a very reputedand experienced Diplomat. Dr. Ton Sinh Thanh has constructivelycontributed in developing bilateral relations between India and Vietnam and asresult, Strategic andComprehensive Partnership between India and Vietnam is at all-time high underthe his visionary leadership.

Addressing the gathering, His Excellency Dr. Ton Sinh Thanh shared the rich and evocative history of Vietnam.He mentioned that he American War in Vietnam captured the attention of the Westbut centuries before that Vietnam was scrapping with the Chinese, the Khmers,the Chams and the Mongols. He shared that to improve the economic development,in 1986 Vietnam witnessed an economic revolution which shifted the focus fromsubsidized centralized economy to market economy. Presently, the GDP growthrate of the country is at 6%. He further added that Vietnam has a robust exporttrade economy with Agricultural production as a strong backbone for economy.

Raising concern over territorial dispute with China,HisExcellency Thanh saidthat China’s claim on South Asia Sea is a major global threat since the sea isalso a major shipping route. He accused China of militarizing the disputed areato generate fear. Sharing his views on India-Vietnam relations, he said thatbot the countries have always shared friendly and relations but the visit ofPrime Minister of India to Vietnam has strengthened the relations and hadfurther opened more avenues for collaboration.  He expressed his delight on visit to AmityUniversity and lauded the innovations and research by the scientists andstudents of Amity.

The lecture was followed by an interactive sessionwith students of Amity.


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