Eminent Political Leaders interact with budding legal professionals during ‘Srijan: A Genesis of Indian Politics’

Toabreast the budding legal professionals about National issues , Amity LawSchool Noida started ‘Srijan: A Genesis of Indian Politics’ at Amity UniversitySector 125 Noida

SRIJAN-A Genesis of Indian Politics is an academic stimulation of parliamentary systemprevailing in India.

Welcomingthe guests, Prof. (Dr.) D.K. Bandyopadhyay, Chairman Amity Law Schoolssaid that the objective of Srijan is to provide a platform to students fordeliberations and to provide meaningful solutions towards various issues in thesociety. He further added that there is a need for youth  to  address the intricacies of current time, to identify the indigenous traits oflaws and to landmark the intellectual developments of the societal laws.

CommendingAmity University as one of the best educational institutions of India, Ms.Renuka Chowdhury, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha, INC lauded Dr. Ashok KChauhan, Founder President, Amity Education Group who has dedicated his life inpursuit of excellence. She stressed that Politicians are one of the pillars ofdemocracy same as legal professionals who are expected to impart justice whileaddressing the issues that are required to keep the country in right direction.She pointed out that politics is the art of turning probability intopossibility. Calling upon the budding legal professionals, Ms. Chowdhury saidthat during the advocacy career, they will be approached by people for help asa resort of final hope. Thereby, it will be their biggest responsibility tointerpret the black and white law into the spirit of humanity, empathy,accountability and most importantly, justice.

Raisingconcern over the issue of Triple Talaq and Polygamy, Ms Chowdhurycited it as an inhuman act of tarnishing the life of a woman throughunconstitutional method such as writing talaq three times through SMS. Shelamented the All India Muslim Personal Law Board for opposing Triple Talaq banand Nikah Halala and called upon the judiciary to have stricter laws in favourof women. She pointed that just by jailing the accused for three years fordivorcing his wife through utterance of Triple Talaq is not enough since she isstill not entitled to complete empowerment and such practices should becompletely prohibited.

Sharingher views on PM Modi equating her to Supranakha,Ms Chowdhury announced that she will soon file a case againstUnion Minister Kiren Rijiju for uploading the video of the incident which shefinds derogatory under IPC sections for deliberating her status as a woman insociety. She apprised that she has faith on Indian legal system since laws areformulated to set the way for convenience of governance which should be largelyregulatory in a civil society so that society can conduct itself within theframework of law. She urged the budding professionals to keep up with thetrends along with changing pace of India and the dynamics of growing societyand technologies for legal professionals and other professions which havebecome far more complex and intellectually stimulating. She further added thatwith better training and skill development, students will leave an impact ondifferent sectors at larger scale. She advised the students that to be aleader, an individual shouldn’t follow an easy path.

Speakingduring the occasion, Shri Sanjay Paswan, Ex-Minister (Human ResourceDevelopment), BJP said that the first component of democracy is confession.He averred that presently, the three P’s i.e Planet, People and Peace are inproblem and stressed that Politics is the solution to address these concerns.He shared that three are three types of laws including law of land, law inland and law on land. Law of land means the laws in force within thecountry, law in land means those laws which are prohibited legally but stillpracticed like the dowry system and law on land means certain activities areforcefully implied as unsaid law in society. He suggested the challenge of inland and on land law can be addressed through three noble professions that arepolitics, teaching and advocacy. Shri Paswan opined that the need of the hour isto create Smart Villages since in coming times, there will be issues of cleanair, nutritious food and good job in urban areas but will be accessible inrural parts of India. He highlighted on the characteristics of Politics whichincludes P for ensuring Peace, O for Organized, L for Lead, I for Inspire, Tfor Transform, I for Initiate, C for Collaboration and S for Socializing.

Mr.Ajay Verma, National Spokesperson, INC emphasized that it isimportant to trust the legal system to strengthen democracy. He called upon thebudding professionals to be updated and understand the current issues of theNation for it is their responsibility to bring justice in society.

Mr.Mukesh Gupta, Standing Counsel, Municipal Corporation of Delhi, Delhi HighCourt advised the students to inculcate a never endingdesire to learn, grasp and master the nuances of legal profession which willlead them towards success. He called upon the students to remember thatthe knowledge, practices and learnings during their education lay a strongfoundation of their career growth.

Dr.Arun Kumar, Member of Parliament, Bihar; Ms. Ruby Yadav, Cultural Head, BJP;Prof. (Dr.) Shefali Raizada, Additional Director, Amity Law School Noida andProf. (Dr.) Aditya Tomar, Additional Director, Amity Law School Noida were alsopresent during the occasion.

Duringthe two day event, 03 parliamentary committees will deliberate and focus uponcurrent national issues including ‘Citizen's Dialogue Forum’ on Implementationof Comprehensive Sex Education; ‘Ministry of Information & Broadcasting’ onRegulation over Broadcasting of Sexual Content & Film Certification and‘National Human Rights Commission’ on Is Right to Privacy Intrinsic to Right toLife & can it be an Absolute Fundamental Right? . ‘National Press Reporter,Photographer & Caricaturist’ will be the fourth committee.

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