Matra Bhasha Week celebrated at Amity University

UNESCO has declared 21stFebruary every year as International Mother Language Day to promote thedissemination of mother tongues and increase awareness of linguistic andcultural traditions throughout the world and to inspire solidarity based onunderstanding .International Mother Language Week   has been organized under the patron shipof  Prof.(Dr.) Balvinder Shukla,   Hon’ble VC byAmity University Uttar Pradesh to promote linguistic and cultural diversity andmultilingualism. As a part of International Mother Language week, AmityUniversity organized following events/competitions in which participants fromdifferent Institutions of AUUP participated in great number . The events wereconducted with lot of fervor from the students. They developed a sense ofappreciation and respect for the languages of our nation. The studentsenthusiastically participated in the celebration of the Matra Bhasha week andit was a great learning experience for them. 


Hum Zuban

As a part of this celebration HumZuban campaign was carried forward by Amity School of Communication and was coordinated by Ms. Gauri DChakraborty in order to embrace the beauty ofregional languages. The event was in the format of a talk show wherein theparticipants were invited to talk about their regional languages. The event wasconducted on the February 21, 2018 atASCO STUDIO. 48 students and around 10 faculty members participated in theevent, actively. The event can be deemed a success as in its short duration wewere able to encourage people to reminisce and share via childhood stories andanecdotes what their language and culture means to them.


Vichaar  was organized on 22ndFebruary, 18 at ASCO STUDIO under the guidance of Prof (Col). R kDargan, Advisor, ASCO, Ms. Gauri D chakraborty, Jt. Acting Head, Amity Schoolof Communication and Mr. Ankit kashyap, Faculty co-ordinator.  As,the event unfolded we got to hear a lot of poems, stories and stories withinpoem.Each speaker learnt from the previous one. The participants expressedthemselves on variety of topics such as Love, break-ups, feminism, sexism,menstrual hygiene, Nature earth, depression and many more opinionatedin great detail. The faculties were no less in expressing themselves andtheir opinions on variety of issues in the form of poems, stories andideas. There were around 45 participants, which included students fromvarious departments of Amity University. A very overwhelming feedback wasreceived from the faculties and the participants.



“MATRIGEET”- POEM RECITATION INMOTHER TONGUE was coordinated by Amity Institute of Behavioral and AlliedSciences (AIBAS) on 26thFebruary 2018 at E2 seminar hall from 2pm to 3pm. The faculty of AIBAS Ms.Raj Lakshmi Raina and Ms. Heena Dawar coordinated the event. It was inauguratedwith a Saraswati Vandana by the students of AIBAS. Dr. Harish Kumar Tyagi, HOIAmity Institute of Behavioral and Allied Sciences welcomed all the studentsfrom AUUP. This event enriched the audience about the Indian mother languages.There were more than 35 participants from various institutes of AmityUniversity who showcased their talents with great enthusiasm. The poemreflected themes such as Mother, Child rights, Girl child, Gender Equality,etc. The event was a great success.



Poster making competition wasorganized on 27th February2018 as a part of celebration of Matra Bhasha Saptah. The event wasorganized and coordinated by Ms. Chhaya Chordia at Parent’s Lounge H BLOCK. Intotal __ students participated and showcased their talents with greatenthusiasm. The event was a huge success. The results of the poster makingcompetition declared Mahima Rabia (BJMC) , Ptiyam S Bordoloi (B.Sc (FS) ), JoitreeDeb Nath (BID), Javin Jalota (B.Arch ) and Ayushi Srivastava (BJMC) the winners.




On 26th February 2018, on behalf of Amity University, the faculty fromAmity Institute of Behavioral and Allied Sciences organized a “Cultural Walk”and celebrated the beauty of different mother languages along with thetraditional wear of each state depicting the diversity of India at E2 SeminarHall from 3PM to 4PM. Students from different departments participated in theevent, total of 25 entries were received where the students with differentcultures and mother languages participated and presented the highlights oftheir mother land, culture, cuisine and tourist attractions This exchange andcelebration gave students the opportunity to share their cultures and createthe theme of Unity in Diversity. Dr. Harish Kumar Tyagi, HOI Amity Institute ofBehavioral and Allied Sciences, Dr. S.K.Pandey, Ms. Chhaya Chordia along withthe faculty of Amity Institute of Behavioral and Allied Sciences (AIBAS) and AmityInstitute of Education (AIE) graced the occasion.



 LOK KATHA MANCH was organized on 28thFebruary 2018 by Amity Institute of Education at E-2, Seminar Hall. Through the medium of this event AmityInstitute of Education (AIE) gave an opportunity to young generation to comeforward with the folk tales in their indigenous languages. This event wascoordinated Dr. Mahima Gupta and Ms. Pooja Pant. It began on a very pleasantnote given by Dr. Alka Muddgal. It was designed to take the youngsters a stepcloser to the diverse culture of India.



Essay Writing Competition was apart of Matra Bhasha Saptah and was conducted and organized by Prof. AlpanaKakkar (Dy. Dean of Student Welfare) on 27thFebruary 2018 at CR 203, F-2 from 2pm to 3pm. There were in total 104participants and each one of them tried their best to showcase their views andwriting skills. The event was a huge success. The winners of Essay WritingCompetition are Kusum Bhariya (BPT) , Amitha Mohan (BCA), Badr Tabrez (ASE),Bulbul Malik (BA English), Seerat Arora (BA English)

Sanskrit Stotra Paath


Amity Institute for SanskritStudies and Research, AISSR organized Sanskrit Stotra-paath Presentation on February 28, 2018 at F3, MDP room from 03:30 – 04:30 PM in commemoration ofMatrabhasha Saptah 2018. The programme commenced with devotional gesture oflamp lightening amidst melodious chanting of Saraswati Vandna Stotrem. Dr. D.S. Rathore, HoI, AISSR showered his benign blessings for successfulorganization of the event. He presented his visionary views regardingcontemporary concept of mother tongue and upcoming language behavior ofyoungsters. Devotional presentations in the event fascinated the listeners withthe melodious tune and traditional blend of stotras. The event concluded withthe national song “vande matram”   .

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