Amity Law School, Amity University Madhya Pradesh organizes a Guest Lecture on 12th April, 2018

Amity Law school organized on Expert Lecture as part of Expert Lecture series, on 12th April 2018 on Alternate Dispute Resolution. For this lecture, the expert speaker was Prof. Dr. Sukh Simranjit Singh, Managing Director, Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution, Malibu, California, USA. Prof. Singh has specialized in Alternate Dispute Resolution from US. He did LL.B. from NALSAR University, Hyderabad, LL.M. from USA and PhD from National Law University, Delhi. He imparted training in about 17 countries to judges, advocates, students, academicians and other professionals on Alternate Dispute Resolution.

The session was organized with the following objectives : to impart the knowledge of Alternative Dispute Resolution the students, to differentiate between Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiation,Conciliation and Lok Adalat, to create awareness of developing career in Alternate Disputes Resolution in India and abroad, to provide knowledge of scholarship programmes of courses in USA and  to sign Memorandum of Understanding between Amity Law School and Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution so as to have broader vision and increase research activities.

The visit of Prof Singh resulted in reaching the Memorandum of Understanding  between Amity Law Schooland Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution inter alia on the following aspects:- .

(a)  The institutes will collaborate mobility of students.

(b) The student mobility will be facilitated by offering of “international student scholarships”by the SIDR for Amity students for 2018-2019, in particular

(c)  The scholarships will be towards the LL.M programs offered at the SIDR.

(d) SIDR will offer two scholarships of up to 40% tuition (Appx. 25,000 dollars) for the recommended LLM students. The students shall be recommended by the Director of Amity Law School.

(e) SIDR will offer one scholarship of up to 55% (Appx. 35,000 dollars.  The student shall be recommended by the Director of Amity Law School.

(f) Both institutes will work towards joint collaborative practices that include a vision where Amity Law Students could attend a summer program at SIDR.

(g) Both institutes will work towards ideas where student learning objectives are shared and where the institutes are collaborating on teaching and research through faculty in the field of dispute resolution.

The Lecture helped students in knowing new opportunities of careerin ADR and the doors of foreign Universities have been opened for law students for training programmes and courses in ADR. The most important outcome of the lecture is the obtaining of proper knowledge of ADR with respect to career and comparative structure of USA and India.

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