Amity University Jharkhand celebrated Amitech 2018: Technology fest

Amity University Jharkhand, 11/05/2018: Amity University Jharkhand celebrated National Technology Day, vows to take forward Skill-Based Education. 

Keeping with the spirit of Niti Ayog and its plan to expand skill-based education among Indian youngsters and to make them employable, Amity University Jharkhand celebrated the National Technology Day ‘Amitech’ in the presence of students from different colleges and universities. The programme organized by Department of Computer Science and Information Technology had Mr. Sarvesh Singhal, (IFS), as the Chief Guest along with dignitaries like Dr. Neeraj Kumar Sharma, Scientist, Jharkhand Space Application Centre.

While addressing the gathering, Mr. Singhal who is also Director of Jharkhand Space Application Centre, asked the students to think about the side effects of sustainable development. He categorically mentioned the impact of monolithic technological development that has been affecting the society and spreading newer epidemics. In reference to students’ employ-ability, he focused on skill-based pervasion of education that would increase their potential and market viability.

Prof. (Dr.) Ajit Kumar Pandey, Director, Amity University Jharkhand,  reiterated the same problem. However, his words centered around the necessity of a counter-strategy to accumulate both technological development and its impact for a sustainable growth.

National Technology Day is celebrated commemorating India’s successful Pokhran Nuclear Test of 1998 that enlisted the name the country into the list of World Nuclear Club. To celebrate the day, Amity University Jharkhand arranged innovative games like Robo-War (competition of students to make Robot), Land Strike, War-Tech (A Debate competition), Tech-Star where the students from different Universities participated.

Faculty from Amity University Jharkhand were the Conveners of the programme that celebrated and asserted  technological expansion as the major tool for future development of the country. 

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