Amity University Jharkhand organized visit to Usha Martin Limited

Amity University Jharkhand, 26/02/2018: The Industrial Visit in the course curriculum of Amity University Jharkhand is a major element in which the students develop new skills and abilities through live practical exposure.

Students took a round of the Wire Ropes & Specialty Products Division and saw the everyday jobs handled in different departments for manufacturing of wire ropes. Students learnt the production process of wire manufacturing system. They took a round of Casting Department, Machining Department, Cleaning Department, Pickling And Coating Areas, Rolling And Drawing Sectors etc.

Mr. N. Karmakar and Mr. K. N. Mahto officials from Usha Martin Limited gave a brief introduction about the company and guided students for the industrial visit. They explained the working of machines and manufacturing techniques of each process.

Engineering students were accompanied by faculty members and placement in charge from the campus for the industrial visit.

Students were well satisfied and very excited with the industrial visit.

The student extended their gratitude to  the company  for the permission and support they gave to make the visit a success with accomplishment of the objective.

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