Amity University Jharkhand organized Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive 2016

Amity University Jharkhand 18/10/2016: This year the 8th edition of Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive, 2016 was conducted at the Amity University Jharkhand by the Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kharagpur, a non-profit student organization, on 18th October 2016. The magnificent event saw a participation of over 300 students coming from various colleges across the city. Through the words of celebrated entrepreneurs and industrialists like Mr. Abhishek Sagar (Founder, Khanaman), the startup enthusiastic students realized that a real entrepreneur is the one who does and not just dreams, he does not wait for the opportunity to knock the door, he builds the door himself. Mr. Rakesh Sharma focused on the point that an individual’s background poses no limitation on pursuing an entrepreneurial journey. Ms. Jayashree Mohanty elaborated that things like funding for a startup are not very necessary and there are startups who are doing good without funding also. A panel discussion on the topic Funding is psychology gave the students an insight of entrepreneurship. The workshop conducted by the NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited) on ‘Working your way through the stock market using a Demat account’.

List of Members PresentDuring the event

  1. Prof. (Dr.) Raman Kumar Jha (VICE CHANCELLOR) (Amity University, Ranchi)
  2. Prof.(Dr.) Ajit Kumar Pandey (Director Management) (Amity University, Ranchi)
  3. Mr. Sumit Singh (Sr. Manager Admissions)  Amity University Jharkhand
  4. Md. Saad Siddiqui (Manager Admissions) Amity University Jharkhand
  5. Apurv Dave (IIT Kharagpur)
  6. Mr. Rakesh Sharma (Founder & CEO, Mobilous Inc.)
  7. Ms. Jayashree Mohanty (Founder, Luminous Infoways)
  8. Ms. Malavika Sharma (Executive Director, RAICO; Partner, AVIKA)
  9. Mr. Niraj Kumar Gupta (Founder,
  10. Mr. Abhishek Sagar (CEO, KhanaMan)

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