Amity University Jharkhand organized an International Conference on Energy, Materials and Information Technology (ICEMIT, 2017)

Amity University Jharkhand, 23/12/2017, 24/12/2017: The day when Dubai introduced Block-Chain Technology, for there is no requirement of mediators in impending time, Amity University Jharkhand initiated its first International Conference on Energy, Materials and Information Technology (ICEMIT, 2017). With the presence of the Guests like Dr. Debi Kanungo, Professor, CSIR-Central Building Research Institute, Roorkee and Dr. Om Prakash, Professor, NIT, Patna, the Conference started its journey with a blow. 

Addressing the full house, comprising of Researchers and Professors, Dr.Om Prakash talked about the unnecessary hype-over the ‘Patent’and asked the students to put much focus on the Research work rather than its recognition. Having made his points clear, he directly referred to the Vedic culture of the land that questions existence and puts forth an ontological living spree as a ‘way to live’.

Dr. Kanungo, on the other hand, while criticizing the Technological Determinism called for empirical evidences and experiences to broaden the research base.

Captivating the audience, the Hon'ble Vice Chancellor of Amity University Jharkhand, Prof. (Dr.) Raman Kr. Jha promoted free thought at a time when the country substantially lacks it.

 Prof. (Dr.) Ajit Kr. Pandey Director, Amity University Jharkhand was also present in the inaugural session.

Researchers across the globe were there to present research papers on the said topic and all of them agreed on the point that the conservation of energy and developing innovative way to use it may save the world from severe environmental crisis. Among the designated presenters, there were prominent figures like Philips Omowumi from CSIR, Md. Touseef Rehman from North-South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh along with other Delegates.

The Conference continued from 23rd  December 2017 to 24th December 2017.

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