Amity University Jharkhand celebrated International Yoga Day

Amity University Jharkhand, 21/06/2018: Keeping the pace with the Government’s notion to expand the ancient Indian art form across the globe, Amity University Jharkhand today, celebrated International Yoga Day in the presence of trainers from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s ‘Art of Living Group’. In its effort to permeate the new spirit among the students, Amity University Jharkhand brought in Mr. Shashank Sekhar and Mr. Kaushik Kapuriya, the representative of AoL and performed a one hour session with them.

As the instruction from the University Grant Commission (UGC) was the objective of the University, it received huge participation of both the faculties and the students. While addressing the crowd, the honorable Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Raman Kr. Jha remarked, “Yoga is a technology and the best way for the country is to cross limitlessness through such ancient artistic performance of life”.

Director of the University, Prof. (Dr.) Ajit Kr. Pandey eventually focused upon the historical notion of Yoga as a practice and initiated the academic discourse on the same. Complementing his views, the trainers even added up to its value and emphasized upon the immediacy of Yoga.

The session though started with few physical movements, it ended up with 'Pranaym', a form that Baba Ramadeva has sincerely corroborated and campaigned for. Recent arguments of renowned historian Dr. Madhavi Menon regarding the genealogy of Yoga in her book ‘Indian Instincts’ also appeared during the discussions among the Faculty members and the trainers.

Amity University, nevertheless promised to carry on Yoga sessions in a regular manner in the upcoming days.

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