One Week Workshop on Therapeutic Yoga at Amity

Tocommemorate International Day of Yoga, Amity University Noida started a weeklong Therapeutic Yoga Workshop (from June 18 till June 22, 2018) in associationwith Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga (MDNIY) at University campus,Sector 125 Noida


Duringthe workshop, various Yoga sessions along with Guest Lectures by experts fromvaried fields of Yoga, Therapeutic Consultations for various diseases relatedto brain, heart, lungs, metabolic disorders, life style disorders, stress andanger management and Panel Discussions to understand the future course ofaction were organized.


Theaim of the workshop is to help understand the sciencebehind yoga practice and in promotion of Yoga for wellness. Also, to understandScientific Rationale behind Yoga by providing a common platform for formal& informal networking with eminent personalities of International repute.


Addressing the gathering, Ms. Sahar Gharachorloo - anInternationally certified Life Coach, Trainer & Therapist said that itis believed that yoga is conscious practice to align the mind, body and soulwith divine power. She stressed that our soul is already in union with divinebut it is the mind and body which needs to be aligned. She remarked that the ahuman’s mind is a hard master and also an obedient servant which divided intotwo parts- conscious mind and sub conscious mind. Ms. Gharachorloo averred thatyoga is a very powerful technique that can help activate and boost the power ofsubconscious mind, which is very important for every human being since in subconscious state the body behaves in its natural form, the way it’s meant to be.


Mr. Dmitrii Matveev, Founder, Pranasuri shared his experience of self-development through music and yoga.He remarked that yoga is more than physical exercises. Yoga can develop aperson holistically and helps in achieving the goals by providing innermotivation.


During the session, Mr Matveev conducted a soulful musicmeditation session.


Thousands of Amitians including faculty members, staff and studentspracticed yoga during the sessions conducted by yoga experts.

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