Special session on ‘The Science of Happiness: Questions We Have’

Specialsession on ‘The Science of Happiness: Questions We Have’ at Amity University


Aspart of the continuing efforts to achieve Happiness Quotient amongst allAmitians, a special session on the topic ‘The Science of Happiness: QuestionsWe Have’ by Dr. Manas K. Mandal, Ph.D, FNA, Psychology, Distinguished VisitingProfessor, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur was organized at AmityUniversity Sector 125 Noida


Welcomingthe gathering, Dr. Ashok K Chauhan, Founder President, Amity Education Groupsaid that besides excellence in Research and Academic, it has been a constantendeavor of Amity to set and also achieve very high benchmarks of HappinessQuotient amongst the students, faculty members and staff. He advised thegathering to always have a positive attitude in life, even in difficultsituations, as it will keep the person happy in their problems too.


Sharinghis views on happiness, Dr. Manas K. Mandal said that the absenceof unhappiness in one’s life doesn’t necessarily means that the person ishappy. He stressed that it is important to know the real factors of happinessto truly achieve it. Briefing about two theories of western world on happiness,he shared that first theory states that momentary happiness is important, whilecontradicting the first, other theory believes in meaningful living isfoundation to happiness. However, he pointed out that 90% of existing theoriesare based on 10% sample size of human population. Hence, it is necessary tohave a re look on what happiness is all about by using bigger sample size whichwill give a clearer outlook on people’s perception towards it. On the questionof whether the base of happiness is abundance and scarcity, he responded thatsome people seek happiness when they are given autonomy while others are happyon the basis of their life experiences. Hence, it is important to prioritizehappiness as per your belief.


Dr.Mandal averred that a sense of gratitude is another significant factor thatbrings happiness, like getting well after a prolong disease makes you realizehappiness in good health.. Dr. Mandal emphasized on the importance ofindividual’s perception to attain happiness. He apprised that there is nocentre nerve for happiness in brain. “Human sensor are programmed in a way todetermine which gene is to be activated in a particular situation. Biology ofbelief regulates our system which leads to happy or sad reactions.” he opines.


Thelecture was attended by hundreds of senior officials, faculty members and staffof Amity University.

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