Scientists of Amity develop innovative technology for Dye Removal in water using Nanomaterials

Scientistsof Amity University has developed a revolutionary technology for TextileIndustry for complete removal of dyes and heavy metals from waste water throughpreparation of Nanomaterials based composite material.

Thenovel nano composite materials could be a potential challenge to high-tech andconventional methods used for the decontamination of water.

Thetechnology ‘Nanomaterials for Dye Removal in water’, innovated by Dr. V KJain, Distinguished Scientist & Professor, Amity Institute of AdvanceResearch and Studies (Materials & Devices); Dr. Suman Nagpal,Professor,  Amity Institute of Advance Research and Studies (Materials& Devices) and Dr. Abhishek Kardam, was transferred to Noidabased company- S.S. Engineering Corporation, who provides servicesfor  Industrial  Waste water  treatment.


Mr.A.K.  Singh, CEO, S.S. Engineering Corporation signed the licensedagreement of Technology Transfer with Dr. B L Arya- Registrar, Amity UniversityUttar Pradesh in the presence of Mr. Sandeep Matta, General Manager, S.S.Engineering Corporation; Dr. Lalit Bhardwaj, Vice President, Amity Science,Technology and Innovation Foundation and other senior officials of Amity atUniversity Campus, Sector-125,Noida


Addressingthe gathering, Dr. V K Jain said that this is a low cost eco-friendlytechnology for removal of Dyes from Industrial Waste Water with a simpleprocessing technique. Dr. Jain briefed about the applicability of the methodand material and shared that it was accessed by packing the composite materialin a container with controlled flow rate of waste water.

Dr.Suman Nagpal further informed that after theprocess, the nano-material can be regenerated and re-used.


Sharinghis views, Mr. A.K.  Singh remarked that textile industry is theone of the most pollutant industry, though there are technologies available fordecontamination but are highly expensive. He further added that Amity hasprovided an innovative and economic technology that will appeal to masses andwill bring relief to even small scale textile owners. “We plan to launch theindigenous technology at international level.” apprises Mr Singh and said thatmany countries like Vietnam are growing big on textile sector and color removalis a major problem in this sector. We, as a company focusing on water treatmentsolutions, want to leverage on the opportunity and conserve the environment.

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