Amity signs an MoU with ICFA

Indian Council of Food & Agriculture (ICFA) isa national level platform in India with the mandate for policy research and advocacy, trade, technology and investments facilitation in food and agriculture sector towards empowering the farmers and addressing the issues of agriculture development, global food security and environmental sustainability. ICFA through its proactive policy and trade agenda and global partnerships is creating opportunities for growth and value addition to help improve income of farmers. The Council through its Working Groups and country specific Joint Business Councils seeks to represent the interests of all the stakeholders at the national level on one hand and to position India’s food and agriculture sector globally on the other hand.  Besides the trade and industry, ICFA focuses equally on farmers and farm-entrepreneurs towards helping them connect with the market opportunities, while addressing their policy, technology, capacity buildings, trade, marketing, financing and partnership related issues.


Amitysigning an MoU with ICFA on 25.07.2018 (Wednesday). The salient points of MoU are as follows:


1.  Jointly organizing seminars, conferences, stake-holders meetings, industry interface, farmers workshops, training programs, technology exposure visits etc. towards promoting growth in agriculture, horticulture, livestock, fisheries and all allied sectors.


2.  Jointly undertake studies in areas related to food, agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, organic food, post-harvest management and others to boost sustainable agriculture in the country.

3.  Jointly identify and advocate issues that maycatalyze greater research & development, technology sharing, academic improvement and cooperation and enhance awareness among the scientists,Governments and other stakeholders for better understanding.

4.  Amity University to jointly organize or support Agro-food related events, seminars, conferences etc. with students participation

5.   Jointly initiate or support valuable consulting and research projects to boost sustainable agriculture by validating and analyzing new technologies that significantly improve produce possibilities in India and other countries.

6.    Jointly bid and execute projects from various sources of funding in the areas related to food, agriculture,horticulture and others

7.  ICFA with its associates will facilitate HR support to the university by way of internships,placements, organizing job mela at the campus etc.


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