Annual Day Celebrations for Class I, K.G. and Nursery at AIS, Noida

This year, Journey on a Rainbow – the annual day extravaganza for Class I, KG and Nursery children of Amity International School, Noida was held in the school auditorium on separate days i.e. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th March, 2005 respectively.

On all the three days, the Founder President, RBEF, Dr Ashok K. Chauhan and Chairperson, Amity Schools, Dr. (Mrs.) Amita Chauhan, lit the lamp as an act of initiating the start of an auspicious moment-one that the students had been waiting for the entire year. The Principal, Mrs. Mohina Dar, gave the welcome address while the Head Mistress, Mrs. Roopma Singh, gave the annual report.

Dr. Chauhan praised the parents for taking time out to admire their children as parents are a vital part of the Amity family. He stated that the school and the parents have the same goal, the evolution of upright citizens who are a source of pride to the nation.

On 2nd March, 2005, School Choir welcomed the guests with their resonant melody. Another devotional song “Kagaj ki Naiya Banayenge” had intrinsic symbolism to the accompany tune and devoted to the Goddess Ganges. Meanwhile the dance-drama, “Bal-Gopal” scripted by Mrs. Sunita Dhiman and given life by Mr. Hemanta Kumar Kalita’s direction and choreography enthralled the audience. The musical extravaganza opened with the birth of Krishna, one of the best loved gods in Indian mythology. It then went on to depict stories of his childhood, his playful pranks, his bravery, his cleverness and his lovable ways teaching us that each child has an intrinsic goodness hidden in his personality and the purpose of education is to further nurture this.

On 3 March, 2005, the KG Annual Day began with School Choir presenting a prayer “Vidya Aur Budhi Ka Deydo Vardan” that echoed Dr. Chauhan’s sentiments as the children asked for the blessings of the Almighty and prayed that He would help them discern right from wrong to tread the correct path in life. Meanwhile, a melodious number called “Gayenge Aur Nachenge” was sung by school children to bring on an upbeat mood. Another group of singers paid the true ode to the teacher in the form of their song that labeled teachers as best friends and guides and “certainly cool like the teachers of the Gurukul”. The dance-drama “Gurukul” echoed the sentiments of Ancient India that a beautiful place in the lap of nature still existed in the form of “simple living with high thinking”.

On 4 March, 2005, the final part of a Journey on a Rainbow culminated in the Nursery Annual Day with the song “Sunder Bole, Sunder Scocho, Sunder Kaam Vaardan” as the children wanted only to think and do good deeds. The School Choir also presented their song called, “A Warm Welcome to Our Guests”, that made each and every one present feel so special and loved. Meanwhile, the lyrics of “Hum Bache Pyare Pyare” captivated hearts as the audience admired the cute and peppy children. The dance-drama “The Elements” showcased a treasure chest of talent as the future rang with accomplishment and promise.

Keeping the spirit of Amity and excellence in mind, the prize distribution ceremony was held to deserving winners and thus rounded-off the enthusiastic day.

The Chairperson, Dr. (Mrs.) Amita Chauhan praised the tiny souls and gave the vote of thanks. The grand event culminated with the School Song and National Anthem as the parents and children went home, triumphant.

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