AITEM organizes Industry Seminar on “Opportunity & Growth in Changing Landscape of Communications and Expectations from Freshers”

AmityInstitute of Telecom Engineering & Management organizedIndustry Seminar for B.Tech –Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering,Electronics & Communication Engineering and MBA – Telecom Management students on ‘Opportunity & Growth in Changing Landscape of Communications andExpectations from Freshers’ on 9thAugust 2018.

Senior leaders fromTelecom Industry were invited to address the students on the topic. The sessionstarted with welcoming the panelists by Prof. R K Kapur, Dy. Director & Head AITEM.

  Dr. Sumit Chowdhury - CEO, GAIASmart City was the first speaker for the seminar. He talked aboutentrepreneurship and leadership quality in students and smart cities concept.

Smart Cities are thefuture of mankind. His emphasis was on implementation of smart cities distributedassets like traffic lights, meters, CCTV etc to get feedback on the datacaptured and power Supply arrangements for such devices. He added that SmartCities require feedback from such distributed assets. Even drone based surveyare required in the proper functioning of Smart Cities.

He further said that feedbackfrom humans also help in building better services for people. He informed thegathering that  GAIA Smart Cities has successfully launched feedback systems atvarious places in India. These systems helps people give feedback on the publicfacility they use, like Public Toilets, Railway Stations, Airports, BusTerminuses etc.

He summarized that“Measurement & Analytics” is the backbone of Smart cities. The feedbacksystems are focused on applying knowledge for better quality of life.

Mr.Anil Bhasin - President, Havells India Limited startedwith how communications has evolved the last 130 years. Most important aspectaccording to Mr Bhasin, is “Creativity”. Taking out the “fear of failure” andopting for the “Right Connect” is important. Google, Facebook, Smart phones,Ola, Uber are all the fruits of out of the Box thinking . The students shouldembrace “Change”.

 Mr.Prashant K. - Head of Network Planning and Optimization from Nokia was thenext speaker. According to him lower level Telecom jobs are just a matter of4-5 years and Telecom will be a part of bigger ecosystem. His emphasis was onArtificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Deep learning, Big Data. He talkedabout trouble shooting, network optimization and network resolution withminimum human intervention. Mr Prashant emphasized on the connection betweenIoT and AI. Augmented Reality is the game plan of the future. His emphasis wason thinking of  TELECOM on a biggerplatform and ecosystem.

Mr.Sumit Sardana- Chief Operating Officer, General Mobile Corporation,offered the young minds a question- Where are the jobs? and What’s in your backpack?

Answering the firstquestion, he said, making money is not difficult. Start-Ups are now-a-daysbecoming more and more common and have paved a way for making quick and easymoney. Anything which was offline is now online. According to him DigitalAdverting is a big game changer. It’s a 100 billion industry. Even Fintech is abig game in a young and vibrant economy like ours.

He further added thathuman race will not be able to  solve itsown problems. Only technology can help him do it. Mr Sardana emphasized on “Opportunity driven prospective”.

Ms.Shikha Taneja –State HR Head, Reliance Jio, last speaker ofthe day, shared her ideas regarding creativity and basic preparations. She gaveexample of Reliance Jio which provides not only the connection /mobilityservices but also the various other ones. She ended by telling students thatthey should have “Passion to Excel”.

Thiswas followed by Questions/answers session. The session evoked very goodresponse from the faculty & the students .

Event was concluded bypresentation of mementos to the esteemed industry guests.

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