Amity Institute of Education organized one day seminar on ‘Role of Indian Ethics in Moulding the Personality of Future Teachers’

     A One Day National Seminar sponsored by Indian Council of Philosophical Research (GOI, Ministry of Human Resource Development) on the Theme “Role of Indian Ethics in Moulding the Personality of Future Teachers” was organized at Amity Institute of Education, New Delhi.

This event was an initiative of ICPR to highlight the significant contribution of  Sri Adi Shankara towards philosophy. The aim of the conference to encourage Indian culture embedded in Indian Philosophy for a better future. The purpose of organizing this seminar for the academicians was to acquaint them with the Indian ethics rooted in the ancient scriptures and diverse religions.

Numerous Principals, Teachers, Teacher Educators from various schools and teacher training institutes and PhD Scholars across Delhi – NCR participated in the National conference.

Prof.(Dr.) Rajaneesh Kumar Shukla, Member Secretary, ICPR, New Delhi was the Chief Guest of this enriching event. Dr. Rachna Bimal,Assistant Professor, Satyawati College, University of Delhi and Ms. Divya Bhatia, Principal,Amity International School, New Delhi were the special guests.

The Inaugural session began with the ‘Saraswati Vandana’ by the students and lighting of the lamp by the guests followed by a warm welcome given by Dr. Ranjana Bhatia, Principal cum Director, Amity Institute of Education, New Delhi.

In the Inaugural session Prof.(Dr.) Rajaneesh Kumar Shukla, Member Secretary, ICPR, New Delhi and the Chief Guest of the seminar highlighted the need of spirituality in this era of modernization. Human Beings are always in a learning process. He explained the real meaning of knowledge and Ignorance. A teacher should be selfless as she is the role model for the students and should be honest towards her profession.He also quoted that there is no difference between Dharma and Justice. The society has limited resources which can fulfill the basic needs but not the greed,so we need to save the resources for our coming generations. Good thoughts should come from different parts of the world and they should be accepted, this is our culture and our teacher should promote this.

At the end he emphasized that truth is non-changeable and importance of Karma in the life of an individual to achieve salvation. Teacher can thus impart moral values to the students and bring change in the society.

The Inaugural Session was followed by three Technical Sessions conducted by eminent resource persons from the field of Sanskrit and Philosophy.



The first technical session was addressed by Dr.H.R Tripathi, Dean,  Deptt. Of Philosophy Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, New Delhi on the Sub theme “Ethics In and Beyond Classroom”. He chanted various shlokas to highlight the values embedded in our own culture. He explained in depth the significance of chanting ‘Om’ for people of all religions as it purifies mind and soul.

He spoke about the qualities of an ideal teacher which are ethical behavior and being humble. He further said that forgiveness is essential virtue for inner peace of a person. He explained the relevance of Indian philosophy and Ashtang Yoga for the teachers as they can shape the personality of a child. At the end he emphasized that a man can shape his own destiny with his good deeds.




The resource persons for this session was Dr. Rachna Bimal, Assistant Professor, Satyawati College, University of Delhi. The Sub theme for this session was  “Ethicsand Our Multicultural Society”. She explained the origination of the term ‘Balidan’by linking it to Indian mythology. She highlighted that respect for elders and family ties are getting weak in this era of modernization. The value system of our youth is getting affected and mother is no longer the first teacher of a child as she has becomes an earning member. She highlighted in depth the Indian and western philosophy of Ethics by quoting various relevant examples.



The resource person for the last session was Dr.Dharmendra Kumar, Associate Professor, Khalsa College, University of Delhi. He spoke on the Sub theme  “Professional code of ethics for a teacher in Indian Context.” He highlighted the real difference between Knowledge and Education. He emphasized that a teacher should be ethical herself as students imitate her and she should reach out to the needs of the students beyond the classroom. He further said that a classroom should be inclusive catering to the needs of all and a teacher should be able to bring out the real potential of a child. Indian culture should be propagated and reflected in our behavior so that our society can flourish.

The guests were felicitated with books with a special message by Founder President Sir. This event was a very enriching experience for all participants.

Valedictory Session

The National Seminar concluded with a vote of thanks. The participants were given a certificate of participation.

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