Amity Mumbai - Orientation Program 2018

Excitement and enthusiasm marked the beginning of the Orientation Program of the new batch ofMBA and BBA students, which was held on 23rd and 24th August, 2018.

Day 1

The Orientation program began by Prof Pankaj Shukla, Director & HOI seeking the blessings of our Honourable Founder President, Dr.Ashok K Chauhan, Respected President, Dr. Atul Chauhan and beloved Sr. VicePresident Shri U. Ramachandran. The first day of the orientation program began with a very informative session heldby Mr. Girish who briefed the students about campus Recruitment Process - the opportunities and selection criteria’. This was followed by a very enlightening session held by Mr. S.N. Moorty, Ex-GM, Marketing and Sales, (S.Kumar’s, Bombay Dyeing, Dawn Mills), who conducted the session on `Expectation ofCorporates  from Management Students’

What followed nextwas once again a very enthralling session by Shri Subhash Jogota ji. The experiences shared by him, his wit and humor, as usual left the students asking for more. Post lunch session conducted by Prof. Subendhu and Mr. Amit was on`Sangathan’ and Sports activities held at Amity. The second session was by Prof. Kitty Rana who introduced the students to the various clubs and eventsheld at Amity. The students were only too happy to learn that Amity emphasizes on overall development of students andgives non-academic activities as much importance. The first day program ended with our Director Prof. Pankaj Shukla and Mr. Amit briefing the students about the Study Abroad Program, which the students anxiously look forward to.

Day 2

The Orientation program on 24th August began on an auspicious note with the havan being held in the seminar hall invoking the blessings of the lord. The new batch of students came in with their parents to be a part of this occasion which marked the beginning of their educational journey at Amity. The next session of the program began with the welcome address by our Director Prof. Pankaj Shukla who briefed the audience about the astounding success of Amity over the years and the various programs and the number of students who pass out of the campuses year on year.

After the welcome address, the parents and students were introduced to the faculty and staff of AGBS Mumbai. Prof. Y. Nisha began the session by introducing the prolific knowledge and experience our Director Prof. Pankaj Shukla brings to the Institute which is a matter of pride and privilegeto the staff as well as the students at Amity. Prof. Shukla then proudly introduced the parents and students to everyfaculty and staff of AGBS Mumbai. Post the faculty introduction, Prof. Rachna briefed the students about the Disciplinary Rules and Regulations at AMITY. Prof. Megha then took over the podium to brief the parents and students about the strict Anti Ragging Measures adopted by Amity in the campus. The final session of the day was the brief presentation by Ms. Neetu Kumari who guided the students about the examination procedure, the Amizone online portal and all about the academic process.

The day concluded with a delicious spread of dishes laid out for the parents and the students who looked elated on having chosen to be a part of this wonderful institution and also seemed anxious to start their educational journey here at Amity.

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