Amity Institute of Behavioral and Allied Sciences (AIBAS) and Amity Institute of Education (AIE) organized Guest lecture on “AANANDMAY JEEVAN- THE ART OFBLISSFUL LIFE” on September 06, 2018 at C block auditorium.

 Dr. Harish Kumar (HOI,AIBAS) welcomed thegathering . He  addressed the audience by highlighting thefact that  till date we focus only ontheoretical knowledge and stressed that we should use  knowledge to make our lives more meaningfuland simple. Ms. Heena Dawar introduced the Resource person for the session  Acharya Krishna Deo who is  a humanitarian, spiritual teacher, poet and anambassador of  peace & compassion.His vision of healthy, happy and peaceful society has united people from allwalks of life through service projects and the programmes /courses of WorldWelfare Mission “Aanadmay Jeevan! -The Art of Blissful Life!”

The event began with lighting ofthe panchdeep and seeking blessings of Almighty by rendering   Saraswati Vandana. The resource person of theday Respected  Acharya Krishna Deo washonoured with Tulsi Sapling and presented a token of gratitude  by Dr. Harish Kumar (HOI,  AIBAS) Dr. G.N. Tiwari and Dr. S.K. Pandey.

AcharyaKrishna Deo is a well- known personality in the field of Spirituality .Heenriched everyone with his valuable and noteworthy reflections on the secret ofblissful life. Acharya ji started his talk by a message " You and I areone-a divine family” and also enlighted  all the students about the importance ofliving a stress free life.  This wasfollowed by enchanting Om Mantra for bringing positive spark among theaudience. It was an interactive session for the students of AIBAS and AIE.Acharya ji conducted various stress bursting Yoga Asanas to improve flexibilityand confidence .He discussed  theholistic wellness of the individual and how one  should live a happy and contented life withoutanger and fear which can be achieved through practicing meditation. He askedthe students to purify consciousness first and to be a change maker  to save lives. He also referred the words ofLord Macaulay of 1835 i.e. to honour and respect our religion, traditions andvalues which help in building unity among people. He concluded the session byshowing a video of “Real Heroes” and emphasized on sparing some time to bring achange in society by helping the people in need without expecting anything in return and create leaders who can bringchange in society.

After the guest lecture the session was open for the question and answer round.Numerous students took part in the deliberations with much enthusiasm.

Dr.T. Beena thanked sir  and summed up theevent The event concluded on a note of gratitude proposed by Dr. S.K.Pandey.The Guest Lecture  enriched the audienceon knowing the secret of living a positive and stress free life in short an “AANANDMAYJEEWAN”.

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