Corporate Resource Centre, Amity Law Schools Career Counselling with a theme, ‘CAREERS-IN-LAW’

Corporate Resource Centre (CRC), Amity Law Schools organized a one day seminar on Career Counselling with a theme, ‘CAREERS-IN-LAW’ at Amity University Noida Campus

The aim of the seminar was to create awareness amongst the Law students about the various career options and their unique requirements and offered a platform for industry- academia networking.

The distinguished guests consisted of Wing Commander Ashish Pant, Deputy JAG, Indian Air Force , Ms. Neelu Mainwal, Secretary, District Legal Services Authority, Mr. Rohan Mahajan, CEO, Lawrato , Mr. Kirit J. Amichandwala, Director E&Y LLP, Commander Varun Singh, Advocate General , Indian Navy , Ms. Rachita Maker, Vice President, Integreon , Mr. Narinder Singh Kainth, Vice President Legal at Coca Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd., Brigadier Arjan Dutta, Director ASSB Academy and Director, Amity Indian Military College for Women.

Next Prof (Dr.) S.S Singh, Advisor, ALSN addressed the gathering. He explained the idea behind establishing a law university. He explained the various roles that can played by a law graduate. Further, he also pointed out the lack of judicial officers in the country. He explained to the students that law as a profession provides ample opportunities in different facets. He further thanked the dignitaries for sparing time out of their busy schedules.

Before the session began the various distinguished guests were felicitated by the various faculty members of the CRC.

The 1st speaker for the session was Wing Commander Ashish Pant, Deputy JAG, Indian Air Force. Wing Commander Ashish Pant thanked Group Captain A.K. Saxena, , Head CRC and Amity University for inviting him to the seminar. He shared his personal experience of being a law student and how there was lack of knowledge about the various options in the legal field when he completed his law in 1998. He shared with students what is JAG branch all about. He shared the growth prospects in the Indian Air Force, the various adventurous activities being carried out by IAF personnel and Pay and Allowances for the officers. Then he explained in detail about the roles and duties of JAG officers and the eligibility criteria and the selection process for JAG.

The 2nd speaker for the session was Mr. Rohan Mahajan, CEO, Lawrato. He thanked amity for providing him this opportunity to interact with students and motivate and inspire the young minds. He emphasized on the fact that the number of advocates highly outweigh the number of cases present in court by as much as 3 advocates for 1 case. He highlighted the challenges being faced by litigating lawyers and the high competition among them. He stressed that law is more than just arguing cases in courts. There has to be proper eco system in place to support the lawyers in courts, and for that we need more lawyers in support roles. He advised the students to

think innovatively and try to bring a change in the legal profession by coming up with innovative ideas.

The 3rd speaker for the session was Ms. NeeluMainwal, Secretary, District Legal Services Authority. She greeted the dignitaries, students and faculty members present for the session. She place great importance in setting up goals. She quoted “Tragedy in life is not reaching the goal nut not setting the goal.” She apprised the students of various Do’s and Don’ts during the preparation for judiciary. She also highlighted the importance of internships in a student’s life. She also encouraged the students to go through biographies of k\legal luminaries to remain motivated.

The 4th speaker for the session was Mr. Kirit J. Amichandwala, Director, E&Y LLP. He thanked Group Captain A.K. Saxena and Amity University for providing him with this great opportunity. He talked about evolving legal space- where we are now, and where we are heading. He focused his talk around the various technological developments in the legal field and how these changes have really impacted the legal industry. According to him, the need of the hour is to process of automation and the same should also be applied to the legal profession to make it simplifies process.

The 5th speaker for the session was Commander Varun Singh, Judge Advocate, Indian Navy. He started his talk with the definition of law and how it impacts people in different walks of life. Further, he elaborated the role of law in the armed forces. He shared his experience in the Naval Academy and how it moulded him for diverse roles in the navy. He said “You can run a country without politicians, but you cannot run a country without soldiers”. He described JAG as a wonderful job which provides for a balance in personal and professional life. He said a JAG officer is just not an officer in the forces but also a judge and advocate at the same time.

The 6th speaker was Ms. Rachita Maker, Vice President, Integreon. She explained what LPOs are and what do they do. She tried to address the taboo attached to the LOPs. According to her, the most important thing to posses is passion, which acts as a driving force for any person. She also listed as the various advantages of working in an LPO, such as, Diverse culture, Learning from people around and travelling the world.

The 7th speaker for the session was Mr. Narinder Singh Kainth, Vice President Legal at Coca Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd. He emphasized on the need of passion and motivation. He confined his deliberations to corporate sector only. He introduced the students to various nuances of corporate sector. He explained that corporate sector is not for people looking for a cushion job. He also gave details of what kind of activities are corporate lawyer expected to be indulged and the various effects that they may have over the corporation.

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