Gandhi Jayanti Celebration 2018

immense support of our head of department ,Prof. Dr. Alka Mudgal the week was a great success. Students celebrated the weekwith great enthusiasm, various activities were designed to enlightenthe students  with  the  virtues of   Gandhi ji.

Poster making completion was held On Monday, 24th September, 2018. Thecompetition started at 9.30am andstudents were allotted a time limit for two hours to complete the posters. Thetheme of the competition was Gandhianphilosophies and Gandhi’s ideas on education. All the students actively andenthusiastically took part in the competition and came up with unique ideas forcreating the posters.

Slogan writing and collage making activities were heldOn Tuesday, 25th September,2018. The students were given the opportunity to opt for either of the twoevents.  The competition started at 9.30am and a time limit for two hourswas allotted. The theme of the competition was Gandhian philosophies and Gandhi’s ideas on education. The studentscame up with exhilarated and meaningful ideas that left a lasting impression oneverybody.

The week closed with a breathtaking and bracingexhibition which was put up to depict the immortal life of “MOHAN DASKARAMCHAND GANDHI “. It was put up together by the students of AIE in the F3BLOCK of AMITY UNIVERSITY from 11 am to 5 pm. And was inaugurated by aprestigious professor from Nelson Mandela Centrefor peace and Conflict  resolution,Dr. Kaushiki. All the visitors were really impressedby the creative boards put up on various themes such as: Gandhi ji as a person,Evolution of Gandhi, Gandhi in South Africa, Gandhi’s concept of education andGandhi in India.

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