World’s Youngest IBM Watson Coder- Tanmay Bakshi delivers a Tech Talk

Amity University in association with M/s BPB Publications organized a Tech Talk by Master Tanmay Bakshi, World’s Youngest IBM Watson Coder and TED Speaker, at Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Noida Campus.

Addressing the gathering of students, Master Tanmay Bakshi talked about leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies which can be very useful in the healthcare area. He describes his numerous ambitious projects as a contribution towards healthcare including developing a technology powered by deep learning, targeted at preventing teen suicide by diagnosing early stage depression in youth. He is also working towards technology that will enable to provide artificial communication ability for those who are not able to communicate naturally, by understanding, detection and interpretation of EEG signals analyzed through custom machine learning algorithms. He is also working on a project to develop a technology that enables critical researchers to predict the adverse effects that patients may experience by drugs before consumption.

Talking about the initiative by IBM research to combat the deadliest skin cancer- melanoma, with cognitive technology, he pointed out that in general, an oncologist is accurate about 60 percent of the time. With the amalgamation of high-powered digital microscope used by a trained oncologist, diagnosis accuracy can increase to more than 80 percent.With IBM Watson, the research team is hoping to achieve 90 percent accuracy of identification of cancerous skin lesions through machine learning,electroencephalogram and trained oncologist. He opined that early identification results in prompt treatment can potentially contribute to saving lives.

Tanmay clarified that machine learning may sound complex to many people but it is simple. Machine learning is basically a set of mathematical operations that is used to build a model for analyzing the data for predictions. Busting the myth of Artificial Intelligence (AI), he informed that rule based system and machine is learning is often considered as artificial intelligence but they are not and averred that the believed concept AI, which is, stimulating a computer with human minds & senses does not exist and also, is not possible since machine cannot learn on its own but works based on the data and algorithms for every programme. Hence, the fear of artificial intelligence taking over the mankind is parable. He stressed that machine learning is only helping the humans to live an efficient life. He expressed his belief that if future holds the possibility of replication of intelligence then it will not be through technology but biotechnology.

Sharing his intriguing journey as a young tech prodigy, Master Tanmay Bakshi apprised that as a 5 year old he was curious about computers and its application. As a young child, the working of computer applications fascinated him. Seeing his budding curiosity, Tanmay’s father introduced him into the world of computers and programing and taught him how to program which further encouraged him to create his first iOS app at the age of 9. There on, he continued to grow with technology. Realizing that there was a lack of knowledge about programming and machine learning, Tanmay apprised that he has a goal to inspire and train 100,000 kids and novice developers through his authored books, blogs and the YouTube tutorials. He informed that presently, he has reached the 8,800 mark.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Nrip Jain, Head, business Development Group, BPB Publications said, “artificial intelligence is not an alien word anymore and in day to day lives, we regularly use technology.” He opined that it is important that every individual must be updated about new technological applications as technology will lay the foundation towards future disruption.

Prof.(Dr.) Sunil Kumar Khatri. Director, Amity Institute of Information Technology briefed about the achievements of Amity University in the field of research and innovation.

The talk concluded with school students asking pertaining questions which were well responded by Tanmay Bakshi. The talk was attended hundreds of students from various schools of Delhi NCR.

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