Amity University Madhya Pradesh organized workshop on “Traditional Textiles” on 10th-11th September, 2018

Amity School of Fashion Design & Technology (ASFDT),AUMP organized workshop on “Traditional Textiles” from 10th to 11thSeptember 2018. The workshop was organized with the objectives to makeparticipant familiar in different printing methods and usage of various methodsto apply printing pastes in especially in resist manner, Jewellery designing,Mix media techniques and avant garde techniques.

The resource persons of the workshop were Mrs. ShivaniSaxena, she is expert in Textile Dyeing & Printing with more than 15 yrs ofexperience, Mrs. Parul Bansal, expertise in Fashion Illustration and Mr. GirishTare, fashion photographer with experience of around twenty years.

The workshop benefited around 38 students which comprise 35Amitians and three outsiders from Maharaja Maan Singh Tomar Music University,all from UG level. A total of six sessions were scheduled and each sessionlasted for three hours which comprised both theoretical and especiallypractical aspects dealt with history of resist printing, methods and techniquesof resist printing, end uses etc. In addition to it, in mix media techniquesthe knowledge was imparted about colour mediums used to do fabric rendering andAvant garde techniques.

The workshop was inaugurated by Lt Gen V K Sharma, AVSM (Retd.)Hon’ble VC AUMP, Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) M.P. Kaushik, esteemed guestMrs. Shivani Saxena along with Mrs. Anshu Singh Choudhary Head of Institute ofASFDT and other faculty members of organizing committee.

The workshop helped students to learn various resistprinting techniques, jewellery designing, Mix media techniques and Avant Gardetechniques and subsequently it will guide them to create their own designs.

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