Amity University Rajasthan organized a Guest Lecture on Nano Immuno Rapid Test for Detection of Para Tuberculosis in Milk

AIMT organized a guest Lecture on Nano–Immuno RapidTest for Detection of Paratuberculosis in Milk. Prof. (Dr.) G. K. Aseri, Dy.Pro Vice-Chancellor and Director-AIMT has welcomed and introduced Prof. S. V. Singhon behalf of AUR.


Dr. Singh has started his interaction by givingthanks to Amity University Rajasthan for awarding Honorary Professorship andinviting for this lecture also.


He has given students insights of the globalpicture of the Paratuberculosis in the livestock species as well as itszoonotic importance. Dr Singh informed students that Paratuberculosis bacilliare not killed by pasteurization of milk and milk is transmission vehicle forthis pathogen to humans. Therefore there is a need to develop rapid and onsitetest to detect this pathogen in milk. He shared the findings of joint projectbetween AUR and CIRG on the development of Nano-Immuno Rapid test to detectParatuberculosis bacilli in milk, Dr. Jagdip Sohal – Asst. Professor – AIMT wasthe CC - Principal Investigator in the same. He also informed the house thatthe project findings were highly appreciated by the expert group of SERB – DSTduring final presentation of the project at IIT – Delhi. He demonstrated thesuccessful development of rapid field test jointly developed by AUR and CIRG.He advised students to take the milk after proper boiling. Students raised manyqueries and were satisfied by Dr Singh

Event ended with the vote of thanks by Dr DeepanshSharma.

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