Amity University Rajasthan organized a Workshop on “ Content Writing & Digital Marketing”

Amity School of Communication,Amity University Rajasthan, organized a One-Day Workshop on the topic,“Strategies and Techniques of Content Writing and Digital Marketing” on 6thSeptember, 2018. The workshop focused on giving students of Mass Communicationand MBA a gist of the two most upcoming career platforms.

The dignitaries whoenlightened the students were Mr. Avinash Kalla, the founder of Talk Journalismand the Voxpopuli, and Mr. Anuj Sharma, Chief Consultant, MUSK PR Agency,Jaipur. The esteemed speakers are highly renowned and knowledgeable in thefield of Mass Media and have been working with some well-known Media Agenciesand leading Media Organizations.

The Workshop began withMr. Anuj Sharma addressing the students about the need and importance of DigitalMarketing in the modern times and also about the work done by PR Agencies inthis direction. It was followed by Mr. Avinash Kalla telling students theimportance of good content and tips to choose the right strategies both in thefield of Digital Marketing and in their career. The agenda of the Workshop wasnot merely  delivering lecture on the twotopics but to give the bunch of upcoming market rulers an idea as to how theycan bring about a revolution by the work they do and the efforts they need toput in for it. Both the guests were able to throw light on some careerprospectives and how the world is changing with time. It not only allowed theaudience to share their views but also to jot down the points and possibilitiesthey could follow up later in life.

The Workshop was veryhelpful for the students because they were able to connect with the real lifeexamples. The knowledge and valuable insights shared by the dignitaries provedto be immensely helpful in providing ample field based knowledge related withthe topic of the workshop and helped students to know more about the ongoingtrends of the field. The post-lunch session of the workshop had the speakersexplaining the entire concept and guidelines regarding one assignment, whichwas given to the students, centering on developing a Campaign Plan in thousandwords which would be extremely beneficial for the students to convert theirtheoretical knowledge into a great practical experience.

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