Amity University Rajasthan organized a Visit of National Executive Council Meeting of 'Indian Society For Technical Education [ISTE]'

Amity UniversityRajasthan, Jaipur proudly hosted the 111th Executive Council Meeting of Indian Societyof Technical Education (ISTE) on 24th August 2018.


Comprising about70 members of the executive council from various parts of India attended this meeting.The council of members was headed by :


(a) Prof.Pratapsinh Kakaso Desai, President ISTE

(b) Dr. BhabaRanjan Sarmah, Vice President ISTE

(c) Dr. K.Manivannan, Vice President ISTE

(d) Prof. VijayD.Vaidhya, Executive Secretary, ISTE


The members werereceived and welcomed at Academic Block-A by Hon’ble President Prof. Arun Patiland Pro-President Prof. K. Balakrishnan. The council members were escorted fora brief interaction with the office bearers of the university.


The executivecouncil meeting was organized at the Moot Court, Academic Block-D. To introducethe rich culture of Rajasthan to the council members coming from differentparts of India, a photo studio was created for the council members near themoot court, where the members could get their pictures clicked with theRajasthani “Safas” and “Pagdi”. Later these photographs were handed over to thecouncil members as a token of remembrance. This act of hospitality was greatlyappreciated by the council members.


The executivecouncil meeting started at 11.00 AM. at the Moot Court, Academic Block-D. Atthe outset, AUR President Prof. Arun Patil welcomed the council members. Healso expressed his pleasure in hosting the council meeting at the AURuniversity campus and how he perceived this interaction to strengthen the bondof ISTE with AUR. Prof. Patil also introduced the Deans, Directors and otherAUR executives, who were present to the council members.


The meetingcontinued till 01:00 PM. A lavish spread of lunch was organized for the councilmembers at the Student’s lounge, Academic Block-D. They were joined by the forthe Deans and Directors for the lunch.


The guests werethen escorted to the auditorium at 2.00 p.m. for the rest of the proceedings ofthe day.


Prof. D. D.Shukla, Dean Faculty of Engineering & Technology and Director ASET invitedthe council members on the stage to inaugurate the ISTE chapter at theuniversity campus. The team was led by Prof. Desai, President ISTE. This wasperceived at a major landmark both by AUR and ISTE as the chapter wasinaugurated in the 50th year of ISTE inception. Prof. Desai in his address expressedhis delight of bonding with Amity University Rajasthan through the chapter andalso explained how this would benefit the students and the faculty members inlong run.


A culturalprogram was also organized by the students of AUR for the council members. The themeof the cultural event was Rajasthani folk with the name “Padharo Sa”. Theprogram was much appreciated by the guests.


To give afruitful shape to the day, the council members of high repute were called onthe dais for an interaction with the students and faculty members of AUR. Thepanel consisted of Prof. Pratapsinh Kakaso Desai, President ISTE, Dr. BhabaRanjan Sarmah, Vice President ISTE, Dr. Vivek B. Kamat Director of TechnicalEducation, Goa, Dr. Buta Singh Sidhu Dean (Planning &Development) MaharajRanjit Singh Punjab Technical University, Bhatinda. Prof. Suresh Ukarande,Dean, Academic at Mumbai University. The session was moderated by Hon’ble PresidentProf. Arun Patil. Different issues related to Technic education were discussedduring the interaction including the examination system, industry – academiainteraction, global perspective of engineering education etc., to which thecouncil members gracefully responded. The session ended with vote of thanks.

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