Amity University Rajasthan organized a Guest Lecture on "The mystery of the origin of the lightening event in nature" and "Switchable absorptive band stop to band pass filter using parallel - coupled resonator"

A guest lecture was organized by theDepartment of Amity School of Applied Sciences (ASAS), AUR on “Switchable absorptive band stop to bandpass filter using parallel – coupled resonator”  and “The mystery of the origin of thelightening event in nature”on 24th August, 2018 at Seminar Hall- B Block. Prof.S.L. Kothari, Vice President ASTIF has given brief introduction about AmityUniversity Rajasthan and work done by the researchers in the University andwelcome to  Prof. Badrul Hisham Ahmad andDr. Mohd Riduan Ahmad in the Amity Campus. Prof. Badrul Hisham Ahmad hasexpressed in detail the Switchable absorptive band stop to band pass filterusing parallel – coupled resonator and Prof. Mohd Riduan Ahmad has expressed indetail the mystery of the origin of the lightening event in nature.

In the end Prof. Kanad Ray, Overall coordinator of theevent expressed his gratitude to the Honourable Chairperson Dr. Aseem Chouhan,Honourable President Prof. Arun Patil for their kind help, encouragement andsupport for organizing of the event. He has also given heartily thanks to Prof.S.L. Kothari, VP ASTIF for sparing his time for this event. He has also givenhis thanks to all faculty members, research scholars and students forparticipating in the event

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