Amity University Madhya Pradesh organizes a Photography Competition “Click “O” Mania” on 15th November, 2018

 “A good photograph is onethat communicates a fact, touches the heart and leaves the viewer a changedperson for having seen it. It is, in a word, effective.”    — Irving Penn

With the idea to have one effectivephotograph that speaks thousand words, Amity School of Communication, AUMP, Gwaliorannually organizes a photography competition “CLICK-O-MANIA" for budding photographers from across India.

The theme of this years competition was“MY CITY-SMART CITY”, which was selectedto highlight and create awareness regarding the upcoming smart projects andplans in the country and the benefits associated with them. The competition providesa platform to the young photographers to showcase their creativity and talent.The photographs exhibited in the competition compelled everyone to stop andunderstand the message that the photographers wanted to convey through theirclicks.

The exhibition corridor was beautifullydecorated by the department highlighting the theme of the event i.e smart city.The entries mainly included lively pictures of the various infrastructure builtin various cities, various projects highlighting the changing scenario in thecountry, projects of different government initiatives and many more.

Mr. Sanjay Dutt Sharma, freelancephotographer specializing in Smart City and Wildlife photography, was the ChiefGuest of the event as well as one of the judges. He talked about the different developmentand smart projects that are running in the city as well as how it can be portrayed.He also shared his experience as a photographer in various sectors. The otherjudge was Mr. Ashish Rao, Assistant Professor Amity University Uttar Pradesh,Noida campus. He spoke mainly about how photography is changing in the presenttime. He also spoke about various career aspects in different fields ofphotography and how students can prepare themselves accordingly.

Thewinners of the competition were -

Thewinner- Rishi Garg, Gwalior Glory High School, Gwl.

(Photograph-A picture of a wall graphitized with words ‘Save Water’ )

FirstRunner Up- Neeraj Kevri, The Radiant School, Gwl.

(Photograph-A light panting of the city)

SecondRunner Up- Abhinav Tomar, B.A (J&MC) Amity Gwalior

(Photograph-A picture of Delhi Metro railway line)

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