Amity University Jharkhand organized a Seminar on "Indian English Poetry"

Amity University Jharkhand organized a Seminar on "Indian English Poetry".

The day marked a milestone for the department of English, Amity University, as it hosted its first ever student seminar. The primary objective of organizing the event was to illustrate the importance of language and the impact of literature in our lives. The seminar commenced with the speech of Honorable Director Sir, Dr. Ajit Kumar Pandey who professed his own interest in literature and English poetry. He said that poetry is a ventilation of one’s own thought and that rejection gives the impetus to write further. He also said that enriching our vast literature through our individual contributions is our duty.

The seminar included presentations from three groups. Group-1 dealt with the poem Postcard From Kashmir written by Agha Shahid Ali. The presenters in this group spoke about communication gap as the main source of trouble in Kashmir. The students also tried to understand the poem and in relevance in the present day context of the Kashmir issue. Group-2 dealt with the famous poem Where The Mind is Without Fear written by Rabindranath Tagore .They discussed Tagore as a nationalist with a universal approach.Group-3 dealt with Dance of the Eunuchs, a poem written by Kamala Das, an iconoclast and one of the strongest voices among Indian English women poets. The group discussed the marginalized state of eunuchs in our society and the unhappiness, sterility, and dilemma surrounding their existence. The group highlighted the change in the attitude of the Government towards this community which is implicit in steps such as introducing the option of the Third Gender in the Census. The presentation ended with the mention of transgenders who have excelled in their respective professional fields, the most prominent example being Ms. Manabi Bandhopadhyay, who is the Principal of a women’s college in West Bengal.

Overall, the seminar was successful in its objective of giving the students hands-on training of presenting and writing critical papers and presenting it to an audience. The department hopes to continue this trend and organize more such seminars in the future.

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