CINEYATRA- A Documentary WorkShop 

From 24.04.18 to 26.04.18 a documentary workshop in association with CINEYATRA was organized in Amity University Patna. The three days documentary workshop was to promote film-making and inculcating the "knack" among aspiring film-makers.

The former professor of FTI Mr. Ravi Dawala, Founder President of Cineyatra Mr. Ravi Raj Patel, Film Editor Mr. Ajay Yadav(Editor of films like Padmavat and Shivay Mr.Vinay Kumar from Canvas were the guests 
for 3 days.

FTI Mr. Ravi Dawala took the three days of the workshop in these three days he took the session from the first documentary film till date. They showed the participants how they can prepare a documentary film what are the requirements and also how they can make the documentary without any dialogues. There were 100 participants.

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