Amity University Rajasthan organized High Powered Delegation visit from University of Miyazaki, Japan

Prof.S.L. Kothari introduced the guests and delivered a welcome address followed bythe welcome address by Prof. Arun Patil and then a video of Amity Jaipur wasplayed. The Programme was conducted by Dr. Nidhi Mathur of AIB. After the Amityvideo, the Miyazaki ppt. presentation was given by Prof. Itami followed by anaddress by the President of University of Miyazaki who had all praise for ourhospitality and recent associations with Dr. Hemant Kumar Daima and otherfaculties and students who either have visited them or are going to be there inDec 2018. Prof. Ikenoue Tsuyomu elaboratedon the slogan of their University “Lookat the World, start with the Community”.  He expressed his gratitude to Hon’ble FounderPresident Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan and Hon’ble Chancellor Dr. Aseem Chauhan fortheir interest in University of Miyazaki and for this MoU. After his addressthe MoUs were signed. One on, Student Exchange was signed by Prof. Arun Patiland the other, on Academic Exchange by Prof. S.L. Kothari. Both MoUs weresigned on behalf of the University of Miyazaki by Prof.Ikenoue Tsuyomu (President - University of Miyazaki, Japan.

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