Amity Innovation Incubator hosts the biggest Entrepreneurs’ Meet

Amity Innovation Incubator (AII) has been recently established in support with National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB) in Amity Campus, Noida. The objective of this unique initiative is to create and foster entrepreneurial spirit amongst students, faculty members and society at large and to promote technology-based start-up companies in the region to maximize their impact on economic development of the country.

To achieve this objective, Amity Innovation Incubator hosted ‘Barcamp Delhi 4.0’, the biggest entrepreneurs’ meet at Amity University, Sector- 125, Noida. Globally, Barcamp is a very popular business meet and is conducted almost in all the countries including North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Australia and Asia. In India, Bar Camps are being held in Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Delhi.

While inaugurating Barcamp Delhi 4.0, Mr. Aseem Chauhan, Chairman, Amity Innovation Incubator and Chancellor Amity University Rajasthan said that this Bar Camp is a meeting point of young information technology driven entrepreneurs wherein they exchange business ideas, experiences and knowledge. Bar camp community is a different community and it represents organizations of the future. It is a virtual community and India needs this type of communities for progress. Mr. Chauhan also briefed the audience with the concept of venturing into new businesses. He said that before going to a venture capitalist one should be clear about the idea and for this proper home work should be done before starting a new project. Complete knowledge of idea and having passion for it can make the idea into successful business, commented Mr. Chauhan.

Mr. Talwant Singh, Former Additional District Judge and cyber law expert briefly described blogs and blogging as two types of bloggers – one who write about themselves only and second who write about the current social activities. Mr. Singh informed the audience that 5 years ago with the help of NIC, website for Delhi District courts was made which now gets 1000 hits and over 13,000 cases of 300 courts are uploaded on this website on regular basis.

Ms. Netra Parikh, Founder, Pinstorm expressed her gratitude and pleasure in attending this Barcamp and proudly commented that she has attended all 14 of them. She said that through Bar camps, members know about the latest information technology developments and specially members from different areas like Software, networking, blogging, hacking, IT media, website designing, mobile software, mobile content providers etc.

Over 300 technologists, entrepreneurs, technology enthusiasts, evangelists, investors, digital media professionals, bloggers and students from all over India participated in the camp.

The participants presented their views on several topics including “Startup Driven Development Practices”, “Rapid Application Development”, “Mobile Web Development”, “Start Up Secrets”, “Sun Startup Essentials Program - Helping Startup”, “Killing Web 2.0 Design”, “Intellectual Property & OS Software”, “Fixing Computer Troubles”, “What makes mobile social networks successful?”, “Building Ad revenues for your internet Start up” and “Law & Technology”.

The entrepreneurs discussed and brainstormed in several business activities such as product demonstrations, talk sessions and events like bug tales, web tweaks and networking sessions brought out their lighter sides.

About Amity Innovation Incubator
Amity Innovation Incubator, under the able guidance and leadership of Mr. Aseem Chauhan- Chief Executive, Amity Innovation Incubator and Additional President, RBEF, helps entrepreneurs in realizing their dreams through a range of infrastructure, business advisory, mentoring , financial services and a range of incubation services such as - Business Planning, Company formation, Legal & IPR assistance, Managerial Support,

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