Personnel below Officers Rank (PBOR) of the Defence Services learn the nuances of Management at Amity

Amity Business School and Amity Institute of Education and Training (AIET) have been conducting short term courses for Defence Personnel in order to brace them for a second career after retirement. Recently, a six months certificate course in Business Management was conducted for Personnel below Officers Rank (PBOR) of the Defence Services from December, 07 to May, 08 at Amity Business School.

During the valediction ceremony, Capt R Vekataramanan- Director (Training), Directorate General of Resettlement; Mr. Sandeep Gandhi- VP (HR), Vodaphone; Dr. Ashok K Chauhan- Founder, Amity Universe; Dr. Balvinder Shukla- Director General, Amity Business School(ABS) and Dr. Sanjay Srivastav- Addl. Director General, ABS handed over the certificates to the participants and congratulated them on the successful completion of the course.

Group Capt. R Vekataramanan- Director (Training), Directorate General of Resettlement expressed his gratitude for the painstaking efforts of Amity in bracing the retiring defence personnel for their second careers. He called upon all the participants of the course to make the best out of their learning at Amity and create a new chapter in the history of the corporate world to be reckoned and glorified by their successors.

Mr Sandeep Gandhi- VP (HR), Vodaphone gave valuable insight of the industry and outlined the nuances of the transition journey from the operations room to the board room. He expressed his hope that the defence personnel, who are disciplined and have a rigorous experience in defence forces, would be really advantageous to the corporate world which is facing an acute dearth of experienced and talented doyens.

Expressing his admiration and gratitude to the Defence Personnel, Dr. Ashok K Chauhan- Founder President, Amity Universe said that defence personnel make immense sacrifices for the service of the country and when they retire at a young age of 35-45 years, they need second career option to rely upon. During their tenure with armed forces, officers and Personnel below Officers Rank (PBOR) already acquire expertise in varied disciplines of management and technologies. All they need is a certification of that knowledge which Amity, by offering various career transition courses, will facilitate.

The course was attended by 61 PBOR. The course covered the aspects of Business Practices, Financial Analysis, IT and Taxation. These personnel would eventually find placements as middle-level Managers in the corporate Sector.

Amity Institute of Education and Training (AIET) acts as a hub and is the single point contact for various stake holders like the DGR, the Industry (through Amity Institutions) and the retiring personnel. More than 170 personnel have already attended resettlement courses conducted by Amity Institutions. The endeavour is to design the courses and periodically review the syllabus so as to capitalize on the demands of the growing job market by incorporating feedback from the industry, DGR and the environment. Necessary guidance and assistance is provided to the students for their placements by institutions of Amity. A data bank of all CVs of all students is being maintained at the Institute and is available to the corporate world.

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