Football training Summer Camp organized by Amity United Football Club to hunt and promote talent

On the occasion of World Environment Day, Amity United Football Club(AUFC) supported the cause by organising two friendly exhibition matches between AUFC Junior and Sub Junior teams V/s Youngster Vaishali at lush green grounds of Amity Education Valley, Manesar Gurgaon. The scorching heat did not bog down the spirit of the players who played with exemplary zeal and passion to spread the message of saving environment.

The friendly exhibition match was part of the annual residential football summer camp which AUFC has been organizing for past 2 years to inculcate talent and passion amongst students for football so that football comes up as a common man’s favorite sport.

This initiative is taken by the visionary and sports enthusiast, Mr. Aseem Chauhan, President, AUFC. After the exhibition match Mr. Chauhan congratulated the players for their sportsmanship and team spirit. He said the aim of AUFC is to provide training to young football players so that these players can play for the country and ultimately India could qualify for the World Cup. While addressing the participants of the summer camp, Mr. Chauhan said that the purpose of organizing annual summer camps is to hunt talent in football and to train young football players not just from the urban areas but also from rural areas. He also announced that soon football would have its IFL (Indian Football League) and football teams would be in a position to host IFL matches.

The annual residential summer camp is meant for the age group of 8-16 years. During this summer camp over 165 students of Class V to Class XII participated which brought together the students from many schools of Delhi/NCR and two participants from Punjab. Camp was divided into two batches, 1st batch from May 25 to June 01, 2008 and 2nd batch is on from June 1 to June 08, 2008.

Youngster Vaishali displayed exemplary progress in ball control during the match even though they have been trained for less than 2 weeks only by their coach Md. Yusuf.

Students participating in this summer camp were very enthusiastic on participating in this camp. They are taught the importance of healthy lifestyle, self discipline, love for sports, team spirit, sportsmanship and techniques of football by renowned coaches like Mr. Rohit Parashar, Mr. Hansraj, Mr. Jernail Singh and Mr. D.C Nagar.

The campers expressed their joy and happiness for being a part of the camp which has given them an opportunity to befriend other campers and made them realize the advantage of healthy food and physical agility. They thanked Amity for bringing them out from the din and bustle of the city to the lap of the nature, rejuvenating their mind, body and soul.

Amity United Football Club is located at the sprawling 112 acre Amity Education Valley at Manesar, Gurgaon. To ensure the fitness and tactical dimensions of the players of AUFC team, gymnasium is provided at the Campus.

AUFC has been formed to raise football to dizzying heights of fame and stardom so that India could eventually qualify for the World Cup. In this regard AUFC, under the able guidance of Mr. Aseem Chauhan- President, Amity United Football Club, has been working religiously at the grass root level to promote football in rural areas and nurture young talent of the country to assimilate them into the main stream of football. With the rigorous efforts of AUFC, Haryana State has become Junior National Champions and currently Haryana State is ranked sixth nationally. AUFC has also played a friendly match against National Football Team which ended in 1-1 equalizer. It has won more than a dozen tournaments and is now playing under National Football League II in different parts of the country.

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