Amity Partnered Special Management Program : Winning Sales & Marketing Strategies featuring Jack Daly

Keeping with the tradition of interacting and partnering with the world renowned Management, Marketing Gurus, Amity partnered with the series of Special Management Program – “Winning Sales & Marketing Strategies with Mr. Jack Daly – Famous Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Author. The Program was hosted in New Delhi at Hotel Hyatt Regency on June 09, 2008. The series will also be continued at Mumbai on June 10, 2008 and Bangluru on June 12, 2008.

During the program Mr. Jack Daly said that if the change inside organization is slower than the change outside the company than the end in inevitable. He briefed the audience with recognition of ideas, communication of ideas. He said that recruiting is a process not an event so it must be ongoing and continuous. Recruit only the best.

During the day Mr. Daly discussed the five foundational laws for self renewal – The law of self discipline, the law of responsibility, the law of traction, the law of expectation and the law of belief.

One day seminar divided into 9 sessions was complemented with Audio Video Presentations. First session was on Building a Business Foundation in which he talked about defining a real and concrete mission, set of values, culture, the key characteristics of effective business, how to put them into action and How to build the best team.

Topic of second session was leading to win in which leading organization to maximum competency, preparing for leadership and motivation were discussed. Third session was on growth and competitiveness in which competing with China, managing and encouraging change, lessons from the field: Management and leadership concepts for any successful business were discussed.

In fourth session setting goals were discussed in which the role of goals in driving performance and a five step process for setting good goals were explained. Marketing that works was discussed in fifth session in which six steps cross functional process that aligns marketing and sales around customer buying cycle, setting right metrics for management dashboard and usage of effective measurements and analysis to show marketing impact and contribution were explained.

Sixth session focused on the anatomy of sales in which 4 key components of a top professional sales persons success guide, price objection, wining more business, establishing values were discussed. In seventh session accelerating sales force performance were discussed in which engines of sales force effectiveness, role of sales force incentives were explained. Eighth session was devoted on efficiency and accountability in which bridging the gap between expectations and actual results and how to get the right people in the right job were discussed. Final session was on action plan and action checklist.

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