Amity Innovation Incubator organises one day programme on Protecting Intellectual Property Rights

Corporate giants like Microsoft, IBM, Ranbaxy, Novartis, Coca-Cola, Gillette have been widely admired for their success and growth rate. But what is it that makes them stand apart? It is the Intellectual Property portfolio, including patents, design & trademark, which is the active ingredient in their success.

Keeping this in view, Amity Innovation Incubator (AII), which helps entrepreneurs realize their dreams through a range of infrastructure, business advisory, mentoring and financial services, organised a day long seminar “Protecting Intellectual Property Rights” at Amity Campus, Noida. The seminar, being held in collaboration with India Juris, Trademark and Patent Attorneys, focused on the commercial aspects of IPRs, enforcement of IPRs, design and geographical indications and trademarks and copyrights.

The seminar included interactive sessions on “ IPR Laws and Regulatory Framework”, “ Patents”, “ Trademarks and Copyrights”, “ Design and Geographical Indications”, “ Enforcement of IPRs” and “ Commercial aspects of IPRs”.

Mr. Sameer Rastogi- Indian Juris, an International Law Firm focused his deliberations on the commercial aspects of Intellectual Property Rights. Drawing an important comparison between the number of patents that are filed yearly in India vis- a vie US, he said that US PTO issues nearly 200,000 patents every year whereas Indian PTO granted 15, 262 patents during 2007- 08.This does not mean that Indians are not creative or competitive but simply points to the fact that the area of IPRs needs awareness at grass root levels. Suggesting ways to commercialize the patent, he further said that “a direct way of monetizing a patent is to base a company on its patent and develop a business around that technology. He also shared some important facts about auction of IPRs, which helps the companies to expand into new markets or to enlarge their product lines and services and also, advantages of such actions.

Another speaker from Patent Office, Delhi cleared the mist around design and geographical indications and registration process in India. Elaborating on the features of design necessary for registration, she said that the features of design must be “new, original, distinct and clearly visible. The design must not be disclosed to the public anywhere by publication in tangible form, or by use in any form prior to the filling date.” Talking about the benefits arising out of registering the design, she commented that the registration of design facilitates appearance of that design which in turn promotes marketability of product. Visual attractiveness helps to catch the attention of the potential buyer. She shared some important global IPR websites with the delegates including (India), (WIPO), (EPO), (Singapore) and (Japan), where they can get all the necessary information about trade mark and patenting.

Over 30 delegates from start –up companies including Techtribe, India Juris, Patent Office, Anand & Anand, GVC, Semantics and Visuals, Efextra, Glue Design, Ambio Research, TIE, Creative Vistas, Lex Orbis ,Teva Pharmaceuticals, Fox Mandal attended the stimulating sessions of the seminar.

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