Amity International Business School Welcomes Its IB Champs

Amity International Business School Welcomes Its IB Champs
A Heartwarming Start to the Vibrant Academic Session of July 2008
An enthusiastic batch of young, bright, spirited and passionate students joined the AIBS family this week and commenced their two years rigorous training with one of the best and largest International Business Schools of Asia .

  • A structured Orientation Programme was conducted for the enthusiastic students with an aim to imbibe our philosophy in them, and also to test their basic talents , bring out their creative and sport talents and inculcate lessons of management by practical experience of organizing unique events such as community lunch.
  • A solemn ceremony of “ Havan and Puja” was organized to seek the blessings of God Almighty and also give the students the message that we, at Amity, treasure our basic foundations, values and traditions.
  • The students were also given various important first lessons and advice on communication, thinking out of the box and their code of conduct during their tenure at our institute – all using researched letters/stories of role models, specially designed exercises and interactive sessions.
  • Sports are and integral part of activities at AIBS to ensure that our students are not only fit mentally but also physically and emotionally. The overall spirit and enthusiasm in the students is indeed infectious as they are joined in sports field every day after classes by not only their faculty but also the Pro VC-AUUP and DG AIBS to motivate the students by participating with them.
  • The students have been divided into groups: A chievers, B elievers, C reators, D reamers, E nhancers, F acilitators, G o-Getters, H i-Flyers and Innovators, with various scheduled events that ensure that the students work hard and put in over 16 hours of work from day one.
  • Besides academics, sports, culture, debates, quizzes, discussions and deliberations form an integral part of the curriculum to ensure the overall development of the students.
  • Each group of students section has taken a step forward for relationship building and nurturing through planting of a tree, which will be looked after by the students during their stay with us and they can also proudly come and see its growth as an alumni – a small symbol of their own development as an Amitian.
  • Students have already become active members of our well integrated family and the first birthday celebration held in the first week is a live example of this.
This photo gallery is only a small indication of the salient highlights of the main initiatives of the programme so far and are our sincere effort to share the historical and happy moments with all our family members to further make Amity a place of happiness.

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