Former President of India , Hon’ble Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam enlightens students of Amity University with his vision

Enthusiasm and euphoria filled the air at Amity University, when Former President of India, Hon’ble Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam visited Amity Campus, Sector-125, Noida. Thousands of students thronged the auditorium to catch a glimpse of this great scientist and get enlightened with his visionary words.

Dr. Kalam applauded the good work Amity has been doing in the field of education and research and re-iterated his faith in the information provided by the management that Amity would register 100 patents in coming 12 months. Addressing the jam packed auditorium with scientists, directors, faculty members and students, Hon’ble Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam expressed his delight in interacting with the students and faculty members of Amity University. He shared his valuable views on the topic “National Challenges as drivers for research.” Emphasizing the importance of research globally vis a vis Waterloo University, Carnegie Mellon University and Rice University, Dr. Kalam said that the research and development enrich the quality of teaching and in turn ,the quality of teaching enriches the research and development. Research- teaching- research each reinforces the other.

In order to instill confidence and vision in the lives of the students, Dr. Kalam shared the uniqueness of five great minds, all of them noble laureates, each one having unique traits such as cherishing the value of science (Sir C. V Raman- a Noble Laureate in Physics for discovering Raman Effect), undertaking science as a life time mission (Chandrashekhar Subramanyan known for his astrophysical Chandrasekhar limit), treating science borderless (Prof. Bert Sakman- German Physicist and medical doctor known for his research into basic cell function and their development of the patch clamp technique ), birth of creativity in a difficult situation (Mario Capecchi known for his innovations in genetics) and Scientific Magnamity (Prof. Norman E Borlaug- a well known agricultural scientist and a partner in India’s Green revolution). By eliciting these examples, Dr. Kalam motivated the students to dream big in life, because dreams transforms into thoughts and results into action.

He appraised students with five technological challenges that await them, when they enter professional arenas including Information and Communication Technology, Energy, Automobile Industry, Aero Space Field and urged them to prepare themselves for chasing these challenges in their professional lives.

Sharing his experience while working on his three dreams- Space programme of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation , AGNI programme of DRDO ( Defence Research and Development Organisation) and PURA (Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas), Dr. Kalam visualized a good leader as a person “who has vision and passion to transform that vision into action, could travel into an unexplored path and knows how to manage a success and failure. In order to achieve excellence in any area creative leadership is needed, which means exercising the vision to change the traditional role from the commander to the coach, manager to mentor and from director to delegator.” He concluded by expressing his hope that Amity University would generate a pool of “creative leaders” for participating in the national development mission.

Maj. Gen. K J Singh- Vice Chancellor, Amity University welcomed Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam with a sapling and Dr. Ashok K Chauhan- Founder President, Amity Universe expressed his heartfelt thanks to H.E Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and affirmed convincingly that the entire Amity group with 60,000 students and 3,000 faculty members is wholeheartedly committed to make students as good citizens dedicated to the Nation. Dr. Chauhan appraised him with all the scientific and technical initiatives being taken by Amity University, on the lines of dream projects of Hon’ble Former President including PURA (Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas). Dr. Chauhan eulogized the remarkable service Dr. Kalam has done for the nation and shared with the students his lifelong dedication to science, which has brought a revolution in the country. Dr. Chauhan, further, announced the establishment of “Amity Capacity Building Foundation” which would pursue HDVT Knowledge Grid for C apacity B uilding programmes and various other projects of Nation building.

Mr. Aseem Chauhan- Chancellor, Amity University, Rajasthan and Additional President, RBEF thanked H.E. Former President for providing such informative and life changing moment to all Amitians, which would transform their lives beyond imagination.

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