Amity Innovation Incubator conducts one day workshop "Raising Venture Funding : Bridging the Last Mile"

Amity Innovation Incubator as its mandate to foster entrepreneurship conducted a one day workshop on “Raising Venture Funding : Bridging the Last Mile!” on Saturday,9th August exclusively focused on Venture Capital Funding. The workshop on “How to Raise Funds” was meant for the Entrepreneurs/Startups looking for Fund Raising for their Existing or New Ventures. The speakers for this program were the VCs who have funded the startups and the directors of Investee companies i.e Mr. Sameer Guglani of Morpheus Venture, Mukul Singhal of Canaan Partners, Abhishek Sinha of EKO and Ankit Maheshwari of Instablogs who have got funding in the past from the Investors.

Mr. Aseem Chauhan, CEO, Amity Innovation Incubator emphasized on the importance of Venture Funding during the innauguration of the Programme. The Programme was divided into five sessions targeted at the need of startups to understand is Venture Funding for them and knowing the perspectives of the Investor before a startup goes to a VC for raising funds for his venture. The first session – “The essence of venture funding - Understanding what Venture Funding holds for your venture” was covered by Mr. Ajay Kapur,CEO,SIDBI Venture Capital Ltd. Another session “Is your startup venture worthy? Difference between being a good company & a fundable company” were taken by the Angel Investors Mr. Ranjit Shastri from PSI and Mr. Devangshu Dutta from PVC Partners.

Mr. Rahul Chandra an Investor from Helion Ventures talked about “Raising Venture Funding- Part 1.What do investors look for when evaluating potential ventures? – An Investors Perspective” and Mr. Rohit Agarwal, CEO, techTribe and Sameer Guglani, Morpheus venture spoke on “Raising Venture Funding- Part 2- Dealing with Venture Capitalists- Key Insights – A practitioner’s perspective”.

The event was attended by around 100 startups and early stage companies.

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