Inter-Amity Patriotic Song Competition hosted by Amity International School, Noida

Nationalism peaked to great heights as Amity International School, Noida hosted the Inter-Amity Patriotic Song Competition on 13th August 2008. All the 7 sister schools participated in the mega event as mellifluous notes filled the Auditorium.

Ardent disciples of the famous Pandit Birju Maharaji ,Pandit Indu Prakash- a renowned vocalist and Pandit Nirmal Maharaj- a tabla guru were the esteemed judges. They lauded the efforts of the Amity International Schools for keeping the spirit of solidarity and love for the country alive through such pioneering efforts and innovative strategies so as to bring out the best in Music and the performing arts.

The event consisted of two categories:--Junior (classes 4 to 7) and Senior (classes 8 to 11). In junior category AIS, Sector 43, Gurgaon won the first prize followed by AIS, Noida and AIS, East Delhi, which bagged the second and third prize respectively.

In senior category, the first prize was lifted by AIS, Noida and AIS, Sector 43, Gurgaon and AIS, Saket bagged the second and third prize respectively.

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