Quality of tribunals needs to improved in India says Mr. Kapil Sibal during the valediction of National Seminar at Amity Law School

It was a rare moment for the students and entire fraternity of Amity, when Union Minister of Science and Technology, Mr. Kapil Sibal visited Amity University Campus, Sector- 125, Noida on the occasion of the valediction of the two day National Seminar on ADR in the Era of Globalisation. The exhilaration and thrill was visible on the faces of the students, who were anxious to hear his visionary words.

Expressing his concern over the dismissal state of ADR in India, Mr. Kapil Sibal opined that the issues related to ADR cannot be analyzed from local point of view, they need to be assessed globally. Sharing some interesting and startling statistics, he said that for every 1 million of population in U.S.A there are over 100 judges for every 1 million of population in Canada there are over 75 judges whereas in India, for every 1 million population there are only 10.5 judges. This miniscule figure justifies the colossal work load of our lawyers, and their inability to resolve ordinary litigation issues in its wake. In such a scenario, ADR mechanisms attain importance. Stressing on the unequal battles being fought in India on a regular basis, Mr. Sibal said that India, being a developing country, does not get a level playing ground in the global scenario whether it’s an issue of global warming or agriculture. Foreign players and MNC’s having ventures in India don’t prefer India for arbitration issues because of the non- existence of the institutional framework on which the edifice of ADR can stand. Commenting on the dearth of technical expertise in Indian tribunals, he said that in India sitting judges cannot become arbitrators, practicing lawyers would not like to become arbitrators because of low fees and its only retired judges who, eventually, become arbitrators. The retired judges lack the specialization which is needed to settle the disputes in specialized areas by mediation and conciliation. He opined that in India not even 1% cases are resolved by conciliation, which is a testimony of the fact the general public doubt the integrity of the tribunals. To improve the quality of arbitrators in India , he suggested that educational institutions should introduce specialized courses ie Marine and Law, Medicine and Law, Construction and Law etc. so that specialized lawyers can be churned out, who would be well equipped to handle the intricacies of specialized areas.

Mr. Kapil Sibbal also shared with students some poems from his first literary venture “ i see partial observations”, the masterpiece which has numerous poems varying from politics, global warming, terrorism, cricket to feminism. These poems although contemporary in theme, wickedly amusing and sharp yet are revelations of tenderness and longing. On being asked about the book, Mr. Sibal revealed that it is an outpouring of a public man who felt driven to communicate his private thoughts in poetic form in the midst of incessant sound bites and perfunctory speeches he had to give in his official role as minister and a spokesperson for the Congress party.

Talking about the title of his book, Mr. Sibal said that whatever man sees is partial, his every observation is partial, being mortal he is not equipped to see the holistic nature of the universe, so the collection is aptly titled as “ I witness- partial observations”.

Dr. Ashok K Chauhan – Founder President, Amity Universe thanked Mr. Kapil Sibal for enlightening the students of Amity with his unparallel wisdom evincing from his beautiful, insightful, incisive, invigorating poems.

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