Indian National Football Club and Magic of Football Club play exhibition match at Amity University

Indian National Football Club and Magic of Football Club played an exhibition match at Amity University, Sector- 125, Noida. The players of both the teams evinced courage, grit, confidence and passion to win.

Indian National Football Club defeated Magic of Football Club in a nail biting finish with a score 4-1.

AFC certified Coach Mr. Abhijoy Basu shared some valuable tips on professional playing with both the teams. He remarked that football is a combination of ski1l, fitness and technique which makes good players, it is a team game in which all 11 players have to contribute but individual brilliance makes a lot of difference in football. He cited the examples of International players and advised participants to make them mentors to reach the heights of success in Football.

Abhijoy Basu has been a professional player for 20 years and a coach for nearly 12 of those long years. Basu was twice selected for Team India camp and is C certified by the Asian Football Federation – an affiliate of FIFA.

Also present during the match were Mr. Debashish Roy, CEO, Royalle Corporation and Mr. Aseem Chauhan, President, Amity United Football Club and distinguished senior members and faculty members of Amity University.

About Indian National Football Club
Indian National Football Club has been recently acquired by Amity United Football Club (AUFC), which is affiliated to the Haryana Football Association and All India Football Federation (AIFF). AUFC has been putting in diligent efforts to revamp INFC in order to make it the most popular Club in the capital. A full-fledged professional set-up has been provided to the players by Amity Group, where players are given adequate monthly pay-packets and insurance benefits.

Amity United Football Club (AUFC) is a premier club of state of Haryana which has won laurels in many prestigious tournaments. It has been selected in the National Football League-II. With the efforts of AUFC, Haryana state has become Junior National Champions and currently Haryana state is ranked sixth nationally. AUFC has won more than 20 tournaments nationally.

About Magic of Football
Magic of Football is a subsidiary company of Royalle Solutions – a management consultancy firm, excelling in the field of lean management and brand management for 10 years. It plans to become a $2 billion company by 2015 and also plans to make 25 mega stadia and 25 football academies in India by that year. Its members are Debasish Roy -Managing Director and CEO, Royalle Solutions, Mousumi Roy-Director-(Operations), Abhijoy Basu- Head, Coaching (Honorary), Sangram Dasgupta- Chief Strategist and Inventory Director (Honorary), Ashok Damodaran (Honorary) and Aashish Khanna (Honorary).

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