Mr.Virendra Kapoor, Director, Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management delivers lecture at Amity

Mr.Virendra Kapoor, Director, Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management, Pune, delivered a lecture on Emotional Quotient, Leadership and the Power of Passion on 11th February 2009, at Amity Institute of Telecom Technology & Management, AUUP, Sec – 125, Noida. Mr. Kapoor addressed the MBA (Telecom) and B.Tech. (Electronics & Telecommunication) students of AITTM. Director General AITTM, HOD’s and other faculty members were also present during the lecture.

Mr. Virendra Kapoor is a renouned author, with books like ‘Heart (Mind) Over Matter’ and ‘My Honeymoon with a Pinch of Salt’ to his credit. He mesmerized the audience with his thoughts and ideas. The real life examples given by Mr. Kapoor were very apt and brought out the essence of life. He talked about the qualities of a successful human being quoting examples of Azim Premji, Sir Winston Churchill and Shahrukh Khan. The importance of Emotional Quotient was discussed extensively with context to modern times. He talked about the Corporate rat race to earn money which leads to young managers falling prey to vices and losing ethics. He also sensitized the students towards taking care of their parents when the need arises.

Towards the end of the lecture by Mr. Virendra Kapoor, the students were left asking for more. The questions & answer round saw an overwhelming participation by the students and faculty members. The lecture provided a platform for the students to discuss human values and emotions in the corporate context. It was indeed an enriching experience for one and all.

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