Amity Humanity Foundation dessimates information regarding “Climate Change and Global Warming” under a campaign by Ministry of Environment and Forests

As part of the National Environment Awareness Campaign (NEAC) 2008-09 of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Amity Humanity Foundation( AHF) organized a day long awareness campaign on the theme of “Climate Change and Global Warming” at Amity International School, Mayur Vihar. Students from classes VI, VII and VIII of Amity International School (AIS), Mayur Vihar participated in the campaign

The campaign started with traditional lamp lighting amidst chanting of Gayatri mantra by students. The principal of AIS, Mayur Vihar Mrs. Sarita Agarwal introduced the resource persons.

Addressing the students gathering of more than 200 students, Maj. Gen. (Dr.) Surendar Kumar- Vice President of AHF highlighted some of the small steps that could be taken to reduce global warming.

It was followed by power point presentations by the students covering different aspects of global warming, the main cause for drastic change in climate being experienced across the globe.

Presentation by Siddhant and Sameera highlighted the ‘Causes of Global Warming’ such as Greenhouse gases, industrial and vehicular emissions, percentages of different types pollutions etc., whereas Tanya and Ishita dwelt on the ‘Impacts of Global Warming’, namely, melting of Himalayan Glaciers, increase in sea levels, frequent floods, extreme weather conditions etc. Presentation by Arpit, Arush Duaand, Sarthak Batra focussed on human activities leading to Global Warming, Carbon foot prints and steps to reduce them The presentation outlined the individual and collective steps that can be taken such as use of as solar energy, of bio-diesel, renewable energy, car pools and simple methods of switching off the lights and other equipments when not in use.

Mr. Debojyoti Chakraborty from Amity Institute of Global Warming and Ecological Studies (AIGW&ES) presented the basic facts relating to climate change and clarified the common misperceptions regarding Global Warming and climate change. “ It is to be borne in mind that climate change is taking place ever since the earth came into being but the difference lies in the rapidity with which it has taken place in the past few decades. Earlier with slow change in climate, organisms could adapt themselves to the changing climate but now many of them are facing extinction due to lack of opportunity to do so. As a result the other living beings depending and feeding on those organisms are also facing extinction.”, he stated

Later in the interactive session, children raised queries about wide ranging subjects such as “Whether putting AC on energy saving mode is sufficient?”, “Whether CNG is a completely clean fuel?”, “ What is the connection between El Nino and La Nina and climate change?”, “ What would happen to vegetation cover with bio –diesel?”, “Would melting glaciers be good for agriculture?” etc.

During the campaign, a group of over 50 students from Class VIII were taken to the organic farm of Amity Institute of Organic Agriculture (AIOA). A team of faculty members from AIOA , Dr. Naleeni Ramawat, Dr. Arti Chandra and Dr. Surabhi Sharma took the students around and explained how organic agriculture takes care of the ill effects of conventional farming? They were enriched by a demonstration of the crop cafeteria, collection of medicinal and aromatic plants, understanding the criteria of essentiality of plant nutrients, nutrient cycling and recycling, waste utilization, practical demonstration of vermin compost, differences between organic and intensive agriculture and role of organic farming in carbon sequestration.

Students from class VI and VII participated in Painting and Slogan writing competition. Their posters reflected the deep concern for the planet earth and environment. In the painting competition Arushi Kumar of Class VII won the First prize, R. Mallika Aiyyar of Class VI won the Second and Ishita Verma of Class VII received the third prize.

In the Slogan Writing Competition, Ashna of Class VI won the First Prize, Kopal Gupta of Class VI and Shruti Agarwal of Class VII won the 2nd and 3rd prizes respectively. In both the categories consolation prizes were given which went to Ananya and Akansha of Class VII.

The valedictory Function commenced with a dazzling dance performance on “Sri Ram Stuti “sung by Pt. Jasraj. Students of Class III and IV presented a song on Preservation of Ecological Balance composed by Lyricist Gulzar.

In her vote of thanks, Dr. Chanda . R. Akhouri, Officiating Director of Amity Humanity Foundation (AHF) thanked Ministry of Environment and Forests for inviting AHF to participate in the National Environment Awareness Campaign 2008-09.

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