Amity School of Insurance and Actuarial Science (ASIAS) ranked No. 1 by NEILSON ORG-MARG

Amity School of Insurance and Actuarial Science (ASIAS), offering MBA (Insurance), Post Graduate Diploma in Insurance Management and M.Sc (Actuarial Science) programmes, has emerged as the “Best Insurance Education Provider” and has been ranked No. 1 amongst all the institutions in Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, according to a survey conducted by Neilson ORG-Marg.

The parameters taken into account are future prospects being offered, infrastructural amenities, faculty and perception of existing & prospective students & the employers. Feed back obtained from the employers on behavioral, operational, intellectual aspects rates our alumni very high on the excellence scale as none of them was categorized as average. Most of them (60-80%) were in fact categorized as “Excellent”.

ASIAS also has the accreditation from the Insurance Institute of India and Chartered Insurance Institute, U.K by way of exemptions to the students completing the Insurance programmes.

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