Mr. Saeed Naqvi delivers lecture on - Elections Over: Foreign Affairs and the Media at Amity University

Mr. Saeed Naqvi, Eminent and Senior Journalist, Editor and Columnist delivered lecture on the topic “Elections Over: Foreign Affairs and the Media” at Amity University Campus Sector-125 Noida. This was the 117th lecture under the Amity International Centre (AIC) Lecture Series.

In his lecture Mr. Naqvi discussed the outcome of current held General Elections and touched upon the history of Congress party. Mr. Naqvi said that during Independence Congress party, on one end has "middle way" leader like Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru and "right way" thinking Purushottam Das Tandon. In 1967 elements started coming out from Congress and eight states saw the non-congress government. In present time when Rahul Gandhi announced that Congress will go alone in general elections, split of thoughts were there in Congress. On one side younger minds thought that going alone in power is best option, older minds suggested that taking alomg with coalition partners will result in power making.

Mr. Naqvi opined that scenario of Indian Media is different with that of foreign media. He said that not a single story of International affairs is published in India or reported by Indian reporter rather we took stories from western agencies. He said that our understanding of International affairs is primarily shaped by media but our participation with media is nil. The true story never comes out because we are slaves of western news agencies. Giving an example Mr. Naqvi said that we read, heard the full coverage of U.S. President Obama speech in Cairo through western channels and agency reports but have we read or saw Indian President Pratibha Patil speech to Parliament in any of the foreign channel like BBC, CNN, VOA, NYT etc.

Mr. Naqvi discussed in detail the root cause of problems in Afghanistan, Pakistan and their linkages with U.S.A., Saudi Arabia. Mr. Naqvi also touched upon the crisis of Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Mr. Aseem Chauhan, Additional President, Ritnand Balved Education Foundation said that he is greatful to Mr. Saeed Naqvi for presenting lecture on such an important and contemporary topic. Mr. Chauhan said that the country is looking towards Manmohan Singh government with a hope that our country will fight against all the international and financial problems and will progress in to the way of becoming super power.

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