Amity University organises one-day workshop on Life Saving

Amity University in association with Rashtriya Life Saving Society of India (RLSS)organised one-day workshop on “Life Saving” at C-Block Auditorium, Amity University Campus Sector-125 Noida. Lt. General N.S. Malik, RLSS, Brig. R.B. Sharma, Lt. Gen B.K. Bopanna, Director General, Amity Indian Military College and Amity Caded Corps inaugurated the workshop.

Speaking on the occasion Lt. General N.S. Malik, RLSS said that life of an injured person can be saved on the spot. In India around 2 lakhs persons dies in accidents due to lack of first-aid. Around 50% percent of cases can be saved if first-aid used. Lt. Gen Malik briefed the participants regarding different processes in first-aid. First step is to remove all the obstacles around the victim, then ask from victim if he can hear him. One can remove foreign substance from the mouth of victim and try to hear and feel the breath coming out from victims mouth. If victim is not breathing than apply Cardio – Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) technique. Lt. Gen Malik also discussed about the Respiratory and Circulation System, Choking, Loss of Consciousness, Shock, Bleeding (internal and external bleeding), Drowning etc.

Brig. R.B. Sharma briefed the participants regarding Head, Neck, Spinal injuries, Burns, Fractures, Dislocation and other carriage of casualties. Brig. Sharma said that in fractures or serious injuries, do not move the victim and do not give any food or drink to victim. It is very important to console the victim.

At the conclusion of the workshop each participant took First Aider Oath. Students, faculty, Senior officials of Amity University participated in this workshop.

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