Mr.Ahmed Joda, Chairman, Nigerian Communications Commission visits Amity University

Mr. Ahmed Joda, Chairman Nigerian Communications Commission visited AITTM on 25th June 2009. Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) is equivalent to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). The purpose of his visit was to facilitate exchange programmes between Amity University and Nigerian Communications Commission.

DIGITAL BRIDGE INSTITUTE (DBI) is the initiative of Nigerian Communications Commission and are conducting the following Telecommunications & IT courses:-
(a) Telecommunications Engineering
(b) Telecommunications Technology
(c) Telecommunications Management
(d) Telecom Regulation, Policy & Law
(e) Information Systems Engineering
(f) Information Technology Management
(g) Information Systems – Productivity tools
(h)Management & Leadership Development

DBI is affiliated to University of Nigeria, Nsuka, Nigeria. They have also their University campuses in Abuja, Lagos and Kanu.

Mr. Ahmed Joda was given presentation by Maj. Gen. R. K. Dhawan, Senior Vice President, International Affairs Department, Ritnand Balved Education Foundation and was honored by Lt. Gen P.D. Bhargava , Director Gebneral AITTM after the presentation. Mr. Joda was extremely pleased to see the presentation , the infrastructure and Amity University activities.

Mr. Joda has shown interest in the following:-
(a)Sending students from Nigeria for education and training to Amity University
(b)Taking the help of Amity University to train their faculty and also some visiting faculty for DBI.
(c)To convince the Govt. Agencies of Nigeria to establish Amity University in Nigeria
(d)To initiate courses in the latest subjects like Nanotechnology, Biotechnology etc. in Nigeria

This visit paved the way for exchange programmes and collaboration between Amity University and Nigerian Communications Commission.

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