Amity Chandigarh Students celebrate Senior Citizens day at Old Age Home

Amity Chandigarh’s Social Club Volunteers visited Old Age Home in sector-15, Chandigarh and spent time with the residents. The Social Club initiates efforts in inculcating sensitiveness towards the society and encourage the students to do their bit towards concerns like environment sensitivity and caring for the old and underprivileged, saving the girl child. The present activity was organized with We Volunteers, a local NGO, who is working very closely with this old age home.

The volunteer students spent time with the residents, shared their feelings, listened to their problems and offered them a helping hand. They showered their affection on old residents who do not have any relatives and family to look them after. The volunteers celebrated the spirit of life while singing and dancing with them. The residents were overjoyed with happiness seeing the youngsters being so sensitive towards them while their own children had neglected them and refused to serve them at this old age. Volunteers also distributed Fruits and medicines as per their requirements and donated money towards their welfare.

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